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A question which has been on the minds of scientists, expert chefs as well as housewives for millions of years-how to cut an onion without crying. A housewife crying incessantly in the kitchen after an onion cutting exercise is a common sight. When we started cooking in our flat, we had to face the same problem. Even when my friend cuts onion in the other room, I used to make a scene howling, screaming and crying. So, you can imagine what will be the story when I do it myself. Its at this juncture, when onion cutting turned into a constant nightmare that my mind began thinking deeply on measures to be taken to fight this onion monster.

This thinking first led me to my black cooling glass. And one day I tried it. I put on the glass and started cutting onion. The only thing that happened out of this experiment was that the red onion appeared black. The screaming and crying remained as it is. Some more days passed. One day, when I was preparing to cry, my eyes fell on the towel that I use to dry myself after a bath. I didn't give it a second thought. And so happened my successful experiment in tearless onion cutting. The steps to be followed in this are-

Step 1-Take the towel that you use to bath. Please don't take thick towels. Better to have a light one with small small holes.

Step 2-Tie the towel around your head in such a way that it covers your eyes. Take special care to not make yourself blind by tying it around 2-3 times.

Step 3-After tying the towel, take a look around your surroundings. Make sure that you can see everything clearly as before.

Step 4-No more steps. Just take the onion and start cutting. (with a smile)

PS-While doing this, if anybody mistakes you for a taliban terrorist and beats you to pulp, am not responsible

your crusader Praveen

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he he ... nice one .. lol.. tearless onion cutting .... he he

11:19 PM


10:42 PM

Hehe, I'm yet to face the travails of cooking. So, must be ready with the mask by then i guess. :D

9:54 AM

If u are so particular..
I have read somewhere that if you can prevent tears by keeping the onion in water in a vessel while cutting it .
Cut the onion near running water or a cloud of steam (from a kettle or pan of water)
The excitement lies in tears though :)

5:59 PM

I loved it... how innovative...

7:07 PM

Got a ping that I am linked here and came here and am maha impressed with your innovative genius! Alternatively wear glasses, though this is infinitely more funny!

7:49 AM

@corpus gray

bootham ninte....


I hope u'll face it soon, when u pass out of college and settle away from home for work:D

i got those kind of advices from many..but i still prefer this..hehhee

@mea culpa

am honoured. a comment from one of my fav bloggers:)

8:31 PM

When u told me abt this , i didnt expect to see this Ever.
U rock Dude!!!!
(my friend who saw this said u resemble a terrorist. I completely agree, u do , with or without the Mask)

9:09 AM

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