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Back here after a brief hiatus of 1 week. Had a rocking time back home celebrating onam with family and friends. And a great news was awaiting me here in my small blog. I've been conferred with the award-"Brilliant Weblog 2008" by Multimenon. Multimenon, a brilliant blogger himself, writes on a wide range of topics that are as varied as chalk and cheese. Been following his blog for the past few months and I love the vareity of stuff that I get to see there, especially the inspiration series.

Now to the award. It looks like this-
and this is the citation from Menon-
"For the crusader dude from Trivandrapuram(oiii!!!??its trivandrum ok??)whose blog,I happened to come across quite unexpectedly and ever since have been sorta addicted to it.He is a true genius,can write on literally anything and its just great fun reading his posts"

Am honoured to say the least. Thanks to Multimenon.

Here are the rules for the award-
* When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back
* Choose a minimum of 7 blogs (or even more) that you find brilliant in their content or design
* Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing they were prized with ‘Brilliant Weblog Award'
* Show a picture of those who awarded you and those you give the prize (optional).
* And pass it on!

The following are the winners of "Brilliant Weblog 2008", IMHO. The list is no particular order.

Silverine-One blog which is on everyone's blogroll. I started reading her blog about 3 years back, when I was introduced to the world of blogs. Its an instantly likeable blog, the main reason being the witticism that is sprinkled amply in most of her posts. I like those posts with the flavour of good old Kerala that appear occasionally in her blog. Am sure, generations of bloggers to come will sing hymns for this lady who towers over the blogosphere.

Spark mathew- Fellow company mate. Got hooked to his blog from the company internal blogs. So my first job was reading all those previous blogs of him that I missed. There are still some left to be read. Though he's been spending his last few years in Germany, his writings are deep rooted in this country especially with some customary malayalam dialogues(written in english ofcourse) in many of his posts. Spark is indeed an apt name for this awesome blog.

Rockus Narayan-A fellow rock fan. Tech geek and what not. His indepth knowledge of tech matters and music has always amazed me. One of my first blogging friends. This guy who claims to have a 'dangerous mind' treats us to his 'confessions' on various matters in his blog.

Musicmania Hari- The youngest blogger in this list. Yes, a 15 year old guy whose writings display a maturity way beyond his age. His is a purely music blog. You can see no holds barred comments on everything related to music in his blog.

Tom-A junior guy from my college. I stumbled upon his blog accidently when I saw a witty post on my college there. Ever since I been a regular reader of this guy. All his blogs are derived out of his own real life experiences, mostly from his college life. And because of this one can easily identify with most of the stories in his blog.

Serenegurl Swats-This blog is one of the most recent additions to my blogroll. Her blog chronicles affairs related to India, giving it a twist in her own style. Truely one to watch out for.

Sid- A fellow member(as well as the most active) of the Jagruti blog. His writings show many facets of his wonderful personality. I love his political comments as much as those deeply thought provoking poems.

Dream World-Swapna Chechi- She deserves this award for those awesome stories she posts. Only problem is you have to wait for ages to see an update in her blog. And when she updates it, its sure to be a treat.

Kartoos Indu- A blog which changes moods according to the writer's mood swings. She is the blog and the blog is she. Should I say more?

There are many more to add to this list. But am stopping with this.

your crusader Praveen

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You are very kind Sir...and for that I will spare you my speech that I gave at Deepti's blog. You don't know how lucky you are!! :| And you deserve it too for giving me this undeserving award! Thank you!!! Honored!

8:52 PM

hey thts really kind of u..v barely know each other n u have already added me 2 ur blogroll :D
really appreciate it..thnx!

I wana thank my parents,fellow bloggers, God and of course for giving me this opportunity hehheeheheh

im flattered ;-)

10:03 PM

Thanks a lot sir. I don't know whether I deserve this. I'm honored. And really glad to see the description of my blog for the first time by a fellow blogger. :)

Have blogrolled you, hope you don't mind.

11:40 PM

pls dont call me sir:D
I feel awkward...hehhee
well, bcos u mentioned I searched out that particular speech. Indeed it brought tears to my eye..

been following ur blog for quite sometime

i dont give awards to those who doesn't deserve it:P

11:44 PM

technical question
can i give you back this award?or has it to be 7 new people:>

1:04 AM

chee thanks a ton man ...

1:54 AM

wow..thank you very feels great to be awarded thrice!!

and esp my movin speech sounds like a "moo"ing speech and hence rather i dont make it..;-D

thanks a lot for the nice words dude..cheers..

2:18 AM

thank you so much dear.....

8:53 AM

yo!!u 've been check out my blog...

1:56 PM

need not be 7 new people. U can award whoever U like to give it


thrice!!gr8 man:D
u deserve more
'moo'ing is better than moving speeches;)

welcome chechi:)

@multimenon coming

10:12 PM

glad to know tht ;-)

10:21 PM


2:19 PM

Good thing that you can award people as many times as you want! :D

About my speech, well I am still reeling from the sideeffects giving the last one. So I have deny that "pleasure" to my loyal readers!

10:39 PM

@swats, hari

we were waiting 4 ur speech

12:09 AM

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