Skandagiri Revisited  

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Old readers of this blog might remember the post which I wrote after a tiresome day time trek to the Skandagiri hills near Bangalore last year. That time, we heard a lot about the joys of night time trekking on a full moon day. This saturday(a boring working Saturday) night, me and my 3 roomies set out from our home at 11 PM. Though it was just the day after full moon, the cloudy and almost rainy atmosphere made sure that the moon was nowhere to be seen. And unlike last time, we had a big vareity of food stuff with us. The new airport road at night time is even more beautiful. The whole stretch was all washed in a white glow. After the airport, the width of the road began to decrease till Chikballapur. Me, being the only one among the group who visited this place previously, was expected to know the route thoroughly. Me, also well known for my excellent memory power, was helpless in that respect. After a round of confused riding and asking to equally confused locals, we somehow reached our destination. We were surprised to see a lot of bikes there. By this time, the full moon was out in full view to guide us through the trek.
my scary roomies
Lonely day ahead

The local guides were at hand to give us scary details of wild animals roaming about in the hills. But we turned a deaf ear to them and said 'No, thanks' to their offer to guide us. We shined all the four torches and started the trek. A little into the adventure, we understood that we had begun at the wrong place and was actually stranded at a not so safe place. Added to that, we were going up the wrong hill. We saw snake pits at some places and thorny bushes all around. The bravest among us, my roomie Praveen did the honours of clearing the thorns and leading us. And now we were well on our way up the right hill. We could see torches shining at the top of the hill. The trek which started at 2 ended at 5.30 in the morning. Even while reaching there, we were travelling through a bushy thorny path used by nobody. The place was already a bit crowded with tents and lots of people on view. The wind was so powerful that we found it hard to balance. Taking decent snaps was a pain with added effect of the biting cold. To our disappointment, the clouds were not on view. Later, we came to know that its usally seen around January. Still, we savoured the awesome view from the top. The trip downhill was easier and took less than half the time of the uphill journey.
mera roomies..resting on top
walking back
The most eventful part of the trip took place on our return journey in the bike. We were all feeling sleepy by the time we started from there. I had slept only about 6 hours in the last 48 hours. As we rode on, I almost fell asleep 2-3 times and Praveen who was sitting behind me, sensing this began singing songs and tapping on my shoulder to keep me awake. At a point, he stopped this excercise and made fun of Manu who was sitting behind the other bike and sleeping to glory. The next minute, me, Praveen and the bike were lying on the road. Yes, I had fallen asleep in a gap of just 2 seconds. Thankfully, there were not much vehicles on the road and we were not going at a high speed. We escaped with minor cuts and bruises. From there, Praveen took control of the vehicle and ordered me to sing songs non-stop else I fall asleep. So, it was a virtual on the road concert for the next 2 hours and he endured some of the worst moments of
his life. After a point, even I couldn't bear my singing but he won't let me stop. After reaching home, we slept the whole of Sunday. It was a short weekend, well spent..

your crusader Praveen

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Nothing more eventful than taking a break and headed to the great outdoors!

Splendid pictures!

9:47 AM

nice virtual tour of skandagiri there :):) cheers matey :) glad you had a nice time.. and you got coooll hairstyle :):)

10:50 AM

you are definitely having the time of your life..

music shows
trek fun

stay blessed


11:35 AM

it muss hav been a really nice xperience na:)
the pics of the place r very nice..they say it all

3:10 PM

u r forever travelling :P
the second pic is really scary :P (the title is apt)
u luk so different in ME FRAMED and THIS pic???

9:07 PM

Dude wud u like me to post the same comment here too? Where is that picture?

Chris is ur friend? Cool man I am a big fan of his writings.

9:55 PM

Heh heh heh, *ROCKED*, I guess? ;D Or is that an understatement?

U can start a neat travel blog, bro'!


12:36 AM


special thnks 4 praising my hairstyle ;)

I wud like to have the time of my life all thru my life:D


yes..I do travel a LOOOT..
the pic luks different bcos the framed one's taken abt an year back :P

hehhee...btr send a copy of ur commnt here too ;)
yea, chriz is an awesome blogger

not at all an udnerstatement..
no, not another blog...already tight schedule with photoblog, malayalam blog and this one :D

1:10 AM

wow !!! that sound awesome ...and as long as u survived with few bruises was a journey worth it ...

8:31 PM

Short n crispy blog.Amazing pics too.
We leaving right now to skandgiri.ITs 10pm.
Ur blog was helpful.

8:45 PM

@ surjit
best of luck for the trip man...
don't fall asleep on the way back ;)

12:47 AM

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