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One morning last week, I happened to read a forward on moments which make us happy. Dont know why, may be because of my sadistic mood, I didn't find it that much interesting. And that set me thinking on ways to get sadistic pleasure. Here are some of the ideas that I arrived at..

1. Tying together the tails of 2 dogs
2. Spraying petrol on to a cigarette being smoked by your neighbour.
3. Putting chilly powder in your friend's contact lenses.
4. Putting your leg in the way when your friend is running to catch the bus.
5. Dropping a big stone over the head of a sleeping beauty.
6. Putting a scorpion inside your friend's shoes.
7. Drawing a perfect replica of an underwear over your friend's pants(at the right place).
8. Dipping someone's toothbrush in the closet.
9. Pouring coffee over someone's new white shirt and saying "sorry, couldn't spread it properly"
10. Hypnotize your friend. Make him tell everything(about his secret affairs). Shoot everything on a high definition cam and send it to his girlfriend.
11. Cutting a big hole at the centre of someone's umbrella and nicely folding it back during rainy season.
12. Unplugging the spark plug of someone's bike and make them kick to glory. And then make them roll it slowly to the mechanic shop.
13. Increase the volume of the ipod to max and pplay death metal when someone is blissfully sleeping with the sound of light music in their ears.
14. Spray orange shell juice or onion drops into someone's eyes.
15. Pour some super glue into the steps of an escalator. (Contributed by my friend Nikhil)

PS- Just a fun post. Don't take it seriously. And don't try this at home. Am not responsible for any loss of skin or swollen cheeks.
your crusader Praveen

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I've done a number of these, back, as a child and have been badly admonished for them too!

Thankfully, I don't seem to be the only kind.....although, I must say that these days, I'm a peace loving soul! ;)

9:43 AM

Hahaha the umbrella one is something I feel like doing - especially during India's rainy season :)

Great post sir!

11:48 AM

omg!! talk about height of sadism!
hmm... so this is how we know how much to the depths of evil ur mind can wander, eh? ;-)

12:03 PM


Putting chilly powder in your friend's contact lensesMeanie beanie..i wear contact lenses :P

12:23 PM

devil reincarnated!! :P

12:43 PM

Hahaha... that list was too gud..
I didnt knew that a sadistic mood can also b a Devils Workshop.. :)
Smehw my blog name adequatly suits this post......
by the forgot to tell that i already experimented sme of ur ideas, like tying the tail (whn i was a kid)
changing the music while my mom was listening to the devotional track and
quoting a similar line after pouring coffee.........

5:37 PM

I can only think of doing 14 or 15 ...nice list though ..I'll keep it handy if I have any "dushman type Dost' in future

6:24 PM

you are calvin.. way to go..

scorpion inside shoe/underwear rocked


1:56 PM


i've to keep a distance from you...;) u devil...:P

12:50 PM

lol...evil fellow da u r! :) thank god Im quite far away :D

2:20 PM

Why spark plug? Lets cut the brake wires instead...

I read your assbook farkut thing... Awesome post... I think I ll do a piece on that...

Keep rocking...

6:03 PM

#1 was very cruel

#7 was awesome :D

8:17 AM

Oh my God! What a nice list there, very helpful! And must say what a good Samaritan you are! :P All I have managed to do is relish a chocolate in front of a diabetic! ;D

10:11 AM

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