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There are some gestures which mean a lot to the ones who receive it, much more than that is intended by the ones who give it. This Tuesday, me and some of my friends were witness to one such touching gesture. Motherjane, India's premier rock band took time out of their busy schedule and visited Snehadan in Bangalore. They came here as part of a promotional video shoot for the organisation. They spent a whole day there and in the end decided to do a special show for the kids. When we reached there in the evening, the concert had just started out.

The kids, most of them less than 8 years old were sitting right in the front slowly swaying their heads and clapping along with the song. Vocalist Suraj Mani interacted superbly well with the kids, even calling some of them by their names. Some of the kids started standing up and jumping. Thats when Suraj invited them to come and dance on stage. From that moment onwards, the concert changed its character. There was Motherjane on stage belting out their best numbers, surrounded by a big bunch of kids getting their first taste of rock music. All of them were rhythmically dancing and swaying in accordance with the music. Never in my life have I seen such a rock concert were the kids enjoyed with so much fervour. Its a glowing tribute to motherjane's genre bending music that they were able to connect with these kids who are alien to this brand of music. The joy on the kids's face is worth remembering for a long time to come. Some of them went close to Baiju chettan's guitars and watched intently as he jumped around the frets with absolute ease. The real brave among them actually touched the guitars. Another thing worth noting is that their attention didn't waver for a single moment during the whole concert. They eagerly lapped up song after song and kept on asking for more so that they can dance again.

I've been to a hell lot of Motherjane concerts but not a single one of them matches up with this one. This concert in a small hall with a normal sound system was better than many other biggies for the joy they spread, the cause for which they played and for successfully connecting with such an young audience.

PS- More than all this, my rock hater roomie who was dragged along just because we were one bike short, actually loved the show and today reluctantly accepted that he loves Motherjane's music. Now, Motherjane can add that to one of their greatest achievements :D.

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Indeed a touching gesture
the kids look so happy, involved and charged up :)

12:35 AM

beautiful :-) these causes surely deserve to be promoted...

nice compilation of pics n corresponding running commentary
u sure have a flair for reviewing concerts!

4:22 PM

nice one... i am happy for suraj and the way he has expressed love with his band...


7:58 PM

very touching
the cause is so very great too :)

4:57 PM

Talk of gestures... :)

The kids would have had a ball there! :)


9:36 PM

On your advice I too am catching up on MOtherjane :)

Great to know of what they had done for that concert. heartwarming really!

1:09 AM

that really touching ..well captured in pics and words by you ..

8:32 PM

Really nice of them to do such a show!

9:54 PM

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