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Crusader turns 1

Its been one year since the crusader started his journey in blogosphere...1 year and 4 days, to be precise...It was on July 5 2005 that I started blogging with an anti-bush poem...Since then, its been an incredible one year in which I wrote about subjects ranging from Dan Brown to reservation. And, am proud to say that blogging has helped me to grow as a person. I learned to view all the problems from various perspectives. This has kept me in good stead when facing real life problems...
Blogging gave me many new friends, like Akhil, Rockus, Sushma, Arvind, Shyam...and many more.......and a few haters too(sorry, not gonna mention them..ok, if u insist, i wud reveal one guy called George.W.Bush).
And what more, I could perform well in 2 job interviews because of my blog..In both interviews, I blabbered atleast 10 minutes on various issues I've written here. Thankyou, my dear blog 4 all this.....U changed my life......On this occasion, I would like to thank all who have encouraged me at various points of writing this blog. Hope u'll continue to do so in the future....and also hope that i could write a thank you for you on the 50th anniversary of crusadertvm....So lemme go and blow that single candle burning there on top of that delicious 1st birthday cake.... its party timeeeeeeee.....
with love, your crusader Praveen

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happy to noe that ur blog is 1 yr old...congrats!!


7:17 PM

oi praveen,
i'm touched :">
Man, you keep rockin like you always do!
Belated Happy b'day to your blog!

7:44 PM

Bush has'nt slept well for an year now! Thanks to you! Stop buggering the old man! :P

10:41 PM

its nice to know that you completed one yr in blogging. :-)

nice articles u post. One of the few blogs that i like personally.

lemme try to sing..

santhosha janmadinam blogginu..santhosha janmadinam blogginu...

pathetic i guess :D

11:12 PM

Belated Happy Birthday to the CRUSADERtvm blog.
Keep on writing....and keep enlightening us with all your thoughts on everything and anything! :) Now guru, where's my piece of cake?

6:08 PM

CONGRATS man!!!U blog good!! Keep up the good work!!

9:56 AM

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