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Yes, they are fighting for us. They are waging a war on terror for the well being of humanity. Hail Israel , u are doing us a great service. Hail USA too, for providing them with ample support, both in the form of arms and moral support. Hail UK, for being the ultimate sychophant of the US. Last, but not the least, Hail UN, for being ineffective and for sometimes turning itself into a second US. Now, what remains....

Well, I forgot one small arabic country in West Asia named 'Lebanon'..I forgot a few thousands of small children, whose lives are of no consequence to the 'peace loving' Israelis and Americans. I forgot their parents and loved ones, who are terrorists to my eyes. All I know is that Lebanon is a mountanious region, where all the terrorists of the world reside, at present. 3 years back, their residence was in Iraq. In 2001, they lived in the Afghan mountains. Its indeed a pleasure to have all the terrorists at one place because we can bomb them all to hell. Maybe, that water gun totting 2 year old kid is the next Bin Laden. So, we'll kill him too. Or that 1 year kid crawling to his mother is being trained to be a guerilla warrior. So lets kill him and his trainer, his mother. So, to me, all those living things in Lebanon are terrorists. So, u might be wondering, who am I? U might be praising me for being so impartial, for being a champion of the world peace operations. Well, if u want to know, am CNN.

And then, i got an ally in BBC, which is always at his majesty[blair]'s secret service. We both are now the torch bearers of the world peace and anti terrorist campaign in the media world. We make it a point to bring to you exclusive[that is, excluding certain pictures that are against the interests of US, UK and Israel] pictures and news from the battlefield. Its our common policy to show only the destruction to some buildings or some stray bomb falling in some uninhabited place. And we do sometimes show those happy children running alongside the fallen structures. That is to show you that we are not harming any children or civilians. We want only terrorists. Some of those images of the poor Israeli and US soldiers sweating it out in the battlefield may appear a little cruel. So, viewer dicretion is recommended.... once more , Hail US, Hail Israel, Hail UK....this is Mr. George dickless signing off for CNN news...

So, what u just saw above is a brief intro from CNN to those uninitiated souls on the ways of the Western world. The crusader wrote this after seeing some shocking and gruesome pictures in a Lebanese website. What I saw there really left me in a state of disbelief and pain. Its a shame to the modern civilised world that small innocent kids are slaughtered in this way. The irony of the whole thing is that, a country which is supposed to be the most modern of them all is supporting the cruelty of such magnitude of which even stoneage men would be ashamed of. So citizens of the civilised world[hope there would be some civilised soul from USA and Israel], please sign this petition to save the innocent Lebanese citizens.
Visit- to sign the petition. U may think that these kind of petitions are irrelevant at these times when even the UN itself couldn't do anything. But, this is better than doing please sign...

Chkout this site to see more gruesome pictures of absolute cruelty.....
with pain and anger, your crusader Praveen

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American Presidentship is a responsible position and what we see here is the result of assholes and monkeybrains spawn sitting there...
American people are just some dumb, fat, lazies who care a damn about who rules...may be they need a shock treatment...may be they need a bigger Katrina...

5:27 PM

gud job machu...annaara kannanum thannaalaayathu...gr8..

6:16 PM

I am shocked 2 c those images...But, the sight was same all over...Afghan,Iraq and earlier is just tht,no 1 noticed!!even in afghan,how many top al-queida or taliban did US capture?? This UN sucks...and y do v need a place in such a group??

10:45 AM

USA media is controlled completely by the Jews. So what we see is not the whole truth. But tell me this. If Israel is overreacting and bombing Lebanon all out, isn't it because the Hizballah is hiding amongst the civilians? Isn't that a cowardly thing to do? To achieve their own purpose aren't they sacrificing innocents? Is Israel going in and killing innocents on purpose? I don't think so. Then the Hizb come back and provide aid to the people and they're heros? Sorry I don't buy that. Israel are wrong in doing what they're doing. But they've been a lot that have been persecuted for centuries on end. The British and the UN gave Israel their land.

Did you read the article about the bombing of a hospital in Lebanon? How the sole surviving doctor questioned it over and over again? Why would they hit a hospital? Why? Why? How heavy artillary was found behind the hospital? And how the doctor knew about it and then came back as said, we have to defend ourselves?

When a war such as this occurs there are bound to be casualities on both sides. While the casualties are high on the Lebanese side, I would fault the Hizballah, for KNOWING that there would be reprisal, and going and hiding behind civilians, so they have something to cry foul about. They know it and yet they don't care enough to stop it. The poor dead children lying in the dirt, the pictures of this should win the war for them when put on the internet? Why are they LETTING these children die? Because they can get world attention, to the cruelties of Israel.

I have to say here that I am niether pro-israel, nor pro-usa. But given the fact that the al-qaeda is gearing up to harm New Delhi and Mumbai, and given that the Hizballah is connected with the Al-Qaeda, I'm not going to support them.

9:48 PM

Opulently I agree but I think the brief should have more info then it has.

7:43 AM

Good brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.

11:26 PM

Again a fair post. Thank your also pen-friend

10:27 AM

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