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Hello citizens of democratic free india,


The Indian Govt has issued a directive to all service providers to block access to certain sites which they consider is a serious threat to the nation's security. And the list of site includes all the millions of blogs. being hosted by various sites like Did u hear the Govt's explanation for this bloody directive? They are saying that some blogs are used by terrorist organisations to communicate their secret messages. he hee....even though am seething with anger at this extreme step from our govt, i couldn't help laughing at this truly wonderful logic. Imagine this.. 2 lashkar terrorists starting a blog... 1st terrorist posts a message on their next operation.. 2nd terrorist accesses the blog, reads the post and go to the comments section and reply.... all this in a site, which can be accessed by any person who has an internet connection.. Does the Indian govt think that these terrorists are some characters of some doordarshan soap to be so brainless? And mind you, this is a day when terrorists are sending messages encrypted in pictures, which would appear normal to anyone who looks into it. Would any person in his right mind think of passing messages through such a public domain? Maybe, he may think, if that person is a member of parliament or one of the Hon. ministers in the UPA govt.

The decision for ban is said to have been taken after the Mumbai blasts last week. But did the govt forget that it was a blog named mumbaihelp, which came as a reliable source for information about the missing persons. It also co-ordinated the relief activities at the various centres. All this was made possible because some good samaritans with similar thinking came together in blogosphere. Why did the govt. fail to see the good side of it all? Instead it cooked up a dark side, which is non existent at best. Blogs like IndiaUncut are contributing more creative thoughts on the future of India than all those elected representatives in parliament, who are being paid exhorbitant salaries for the same thing.
This directive is a direct attack on freedom of expression, of the kind seen in such countries as Pakistan and China. Do we want to be in the same black list with those countries? Does India want to earn name as a country which keeps the free thinking of its citizens in chains? India is slowly on this path going by recent developments. The 'da vinci code' saga is another case in point. SHAME ON U..UPA.... SHAME ON U.... GOVT OF INDIA....

U cannot keep our mouths shut forever. The free gateway is our answer to you... Mind u, the internet is not your party's treasure and u have no right to deny us.... we'll strike back with all the bloggers of the world... unite... clear up your thoughts ...log on to blogger...and start fighting....we will fight till the end......
with love, your crusader, Praveen

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good post da. A bit too harsh on the govt. perhaps.

What could have happened is that perhaps the I & B minister wanted to start a blog and somebody took his name at So his revenge. ;-)

I dont find any logical reasoning behind such an act. As u said, its violating the freedom of expression. In a democracy like India this should never have happened. We have been an example to many countries. But this is a shameful act by the Govt. I dont think that any hue and cry will be raised in the parliament about this, bcoz most ministers may not have even heard of the term 'BLOG'.
Its our fate. Bloggers..Lets Unite For One Another

1:01 AM

This is the result of having stupid people in the auhtorities...A ban and what happens? We are back to blogging in a matter of what was the point anyway?

6:20 AM

Dear Blogger,
I am not a full time or even a part time blogger but intelligent enough to understand what it is. Your idea of criticizing the act is correct and I second the argument that it is against our fundamental rights. But you sound very critical and offending in your comments. I know its not my business to tell you about the dangers we are facing today, as a great nation. So pardon me. You sounded like one of those posts on communities "Hate India" etc. Please don't use abusive language against any indian (good or bad) on a forum which is globally seen.

Terrorists are using internet to spread hatred against indians there by motivating large masses of fundamentalists. These people are the one's who are spreading terror. They are not necessarily people traveling from PoK. Terrorists don't publish there plans but a lot of other things. Blogs are now used to facilitate the proper communication in a terror module. You and I won't even understand their code language. I understand your frustration is because you understand that people, through blogs are doing more good than bad for India. But these type of messages would make enemy HAPPY.

Anyways the news has come out that government had intended to block few blog sites and not the domain. So you can be happy now and so as we all bloggers.
Let us unite ourselves and try to come out with ideas to beat these dirty blogs which are against our country.

Fellow Indian

7:44 AM

Next step banning internet, mobile phones and even better idea POSTAL service... pretty dangerous u know

Kudos to Indian govt and brains behind the banning


3:23 PM

hmmmmm....a god post i must comment!! this is exactly due to some ignorant idiots sitting in the top!! They r not even aware of Blogs!!I would b happy if they know anything in net other than e-mail!! this is really a shameful act!!but they cant do us any harm!!

As to my frnd Pankaj...u have a point but banning the entire Blogosphere is not the answer!!And,V r not critisizing our Nation...V r critisizing the Bloody Damn Govt. and its ministers!!Beleive me,The terrorist know the value of keeping ministers alive!!Tell me,wen was the last minister 2 b assasinated by terrorists?? they wont do anything lik tht as the ministers r destroying India much faster thn all terrorists combined!! And,as a nation of free press,i think tht any1 can post his views,as long as it is not against nationlist ideas!! And,critisizing a Mere political party is not going 2 harm any1!!!Atleast,thts wht i feel!!


4:43 PM

Hopefully, the Govt. realized (?) the blunder & the blockade's gonna be over in next 48 hrs.

11:57 PM

Hey man!! Seriously!! Tht was really stupid of them...

Well Pankaj...But thn reacting tht way to those things...i mean the gvt bannin n all is all the more stupidity!!! Dunt u c tht they're all the more happy wen there is reaction to tht?...Y all these choas...Now see..Its all back to the same old way...

11:45 PM

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