Idlis for Headley  

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India is trying hard to get 26/11 mastermind David Headley to India. The US doesn't seem to budge from the so called 'agreement' that it made with the terrorist, by which they wouldnt hand him over to India if he confesses to be guilty. And India is in no mood to let go. The officials of the concerned ministry been heating up their heads thinking of ways to extradite the accused. They say the decision of US to not extradite Headley goes against the treaties signed between the two countries. Not surprising, considering the fact that US never had this habit of honouring the treaties that it has signed.

Seeing all this busy action on the Headley front, one major question that comes to mind is, "what will India do withHeadley?" All this urgency to bring him to India makes us think that we are going to cut him into pieces the moment we get our hands on him. Alas! past experiences points in the exact opposite direction. We all know what we did with the one we caught alive. We started the courtroom drama "kyunki terrorist bhi kabhi human tha", which will complete its anniversary soon. Its sure to go on for many more years and may break the record of the longest running K-serials. The hero is given z-category security, chicken biriyani etc. There's a special subscription of cosmopolitan and the banned savita bhabhi comics for his private rocket launching needs. There was a proposal to supply him call gals too. And we even built him a 5 crore worth steel chamber, with the aim of 'protecting' him. We spent 32 crores for him in one year. And, considering all this...Do we really need to spent another 30 crores on protecting yet another terrorist? If the Govt is not planning to cut him into 1000 pieces or burn him alive or torture him to the 10th degree or cut his organs and blind him, Please dont try to bring him here. We don't have the patience to see yet another long drawn court drama. Please don't serve idlis to Headley.

your crusader Praveen

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Good question! If we get Headley back here then one of our planes will get hijacked by LeT and then we may be forced to leave him, like what happened after the Katmandu hijack. Why make a fool of ourselves? At least with USA we can be sure he will stay behind bars for a good few years.

1:12 AM

What else to do but the usual VIP treatment for convicts which you detailed!!!

If you ask me, we should just shoot these assholes and be done with it. I don't believe in the whole "Then what is the difference between them and us?" thing. And I don't believe that we cannot afford such a display of atrocity, because we can. You have to agree that India IS one of the superpowers in the world today, the fact that US is chicken to accept it itself is a laurel in our cap. Our problem is that we have certain archaeological samples at the head of our Government who just want to while away what limited time they have left in their lives resting their asses on their respective chairs.

2:03 AM

Atleast they should have allowed India to question him... I hear even that won't happen...

9:24 AM

Looking at the way we are treating Kasab, I wonder how many more would have joined terrorist outfits since 11/26!

6:17 PM

Well said ...

12:43 AM

wow..anger, irritation, frustration at it's best! U r right..If we r not going to cut him into's better leave him in US!

"cut him into 1000 pieces or burn him alive or torture him to the 10th degree or cut his organs and blind him"..My My..u really r the Master! Sounds like Chinese torture camp! lolz.

s comment really made me lol..Archeological samples indeed!! lolzz

10:51 PM

exactly...we dont want any more hijacks..and we dont want to waste anymore money!

"I don't believe in the whole "Then what is the difference between them and us?" thing"
exactly my thoughts. Its such a 'loser' kinda thought. And agree with you regrading the useless archeological samples at the top

question and ask him how his 4th wife's 5th child is doing? :P

thats a possibility for sure!!!


chinese torture...hehhee...that must be already sold to pakistan by the wily chinese. we gotta develop our own methods to deal with these SOBs

11:34 PM

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