Milking suicides  

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Its the suicide season yet again. I don't mean those unremarkable suicides which end up as single column news in the obituary page. We are looking at those suicides which get national attention. This time its the Telengana issue. The floodgates were opened when a youth set himself on fire and succumbed to his wounds last monday. Three more people have committed suicide in the next 24 hours allegedly because of the Telengana issue. But a close look at the details of the deceased will reveal that this is a clear case of 'milking an unrelated suicide'. First one in the list is a class 10 student who committed suicide by consuming pesticide. There are enough reasons to believe that this suicide is for reasons other than Telengana. A class 10 student has more things to worry about than dying for such foolish causes. The other two teenagers left suicide notes purpotedly written by them saying that they are ending their life for the Telengana cause.

The reason to doubt the truthfulness of these claims is obviously because of what happened in Andhra after the death of former chief minister YSR. There was a huge wave of sympathy being whipped up about the tragic death of a 'great man'. According to the media, more than 60 people committed suicide because they couldn't bear this loss. But an investigation at that time did reveal that there's more to it than the 'sacrifice story' that we all so easily believed. Apparently, YSR's partymen went around the state in search of houses where suicides had happened around that time. And then they offered the surviving family members money just to paint these suicides as 'YSR related'. Even those who died of heart attack were said to have died because of the shock of YSR's death. The fact that YSR rose to power playing all kind of dirty games and goondaraj was conveniently forgotten as we were presented with a new HERO, for whom the masses took their own lives.

This new wave of suicides seems to be one in this direction. Suicide notes are being drafted in many undisclosed locations. And the hawks are waiting for the next suicide, to claim it as their own. We can only hope that the government wouldn't buckle under such manufactured pressure and cut our delicious cake into yet another piece.

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I'm at loss to understand how a bunch of people could regard their purpose as one of dividing a part of a nation!


11:05 PM

Ah........ great, wt al our politicians will do to get sme votes n divide a nation...

7:16 PM

agree with on this one...most of these so called suicides arent because of the loss of their dear leader...

but i just want to add one point here...some suicides are actually motivated by some politica party goons...they brianwash these dumb fools into commiting suicide...

2:43 PM

very true praveen...
political parties are clever enough to realize the emotional appeal of such suicides.
Unless people grow wiser and stop putting up with such farcical games, we'll have no hopes of a better tomo ...

1:01 PM

Politricks!!! - Just thought of a mallu movie where two parties fight for dead body to make him their 'raktasakshi'.

4:24 PM

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