Never too old to Rock n Roll  

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Haven't you all heard of those 'rules' whereby we are supposed to behave in a certain way at a particular age? We are supposed to behave with an air of maturity the minute we cross 18 years and get our license to watch adult movies. People will start rolling their eyes if you show any traces of the kid in you. And what if you are married? The air of dignity should have double thickness. Its time to throw away your metal t shirts, cut your hair and be a model family man. What if everyone followed those rules? Would we have Iron Maiden and ACDC still playing with their almost 60 year old banf members? I dedicate this to all those spirited old rockers who din't care about 'what others might think'. This is for men like ACDC's 55 year old guitarist Angus young who still wears his school suit on stage and jumps and rolls like a kid. Yes..its never too old to rock n roll.

**************Never too old to rock n roll!************

A walking stick, an old hat
And an old man's boot to suit
A wrinkled face, a few fallen teeth
But am not too old to rock n roll!

Young men in fancy coats
Walking half dead at 8 O clock.
Young at heart and old at skin,
Here am not too old to rock n roll!

Lived my life, this bloody way
Wild at heart, free at mind.
Age mocked at me, I mocked at age
Cos am not too old to rock n roll!

Two hoots to fake maturity,
Raised finger to the lawless laws.
I still dance like a school kid
Cos am not too old to rock n roll.

Black tees, long hair
don't care ways, heady days,
Its now almost a haze
But am not too old to rock n roll!

Hearse may come, anytime soon
To take me to an unknown grave.
You'll hear me sing,' Highway to hell'
Cos am still alive enough to rock n roll.


PS- Off to Goa with fellow bloggers from our company...3 days of fun awaits us!!!!
Wish u all a happy weekend

your crusader Praveen

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Are everybody off to Goa this weekend? Me and buddies are also going!

1:58 AM

Isn't it lover-ly..... no no lovely :) Tried singing this in the "All I want is English Marie" tune :)

Wonderful composition to say the least :)

9:29 AM

Also, have a wonderful weekend at Goa :) Wish all other infybloggers as well :)

9:29 AM

All my life, I've flouted rules, remained a rebel and been hated for it! But the hearty content, in being me ...... priceless!

I will continue to be me, despite all odds..... too old to change for anyone or anything ;)

Have a good trip!

10:42 AM

Happy holidays...

4:11 PM

Yesss..that's the spirit son!! \m/

8:44 PM

So did u make it to goa unlike some other people? :D I was also in Goa that weekend :D

12:37 AM

Thanks for sharing the poem.

I am no rocker, but can still relate to keeping the childlike wonder and enthu alive. I am tired of being asked to 'grow up' when game for some fun. And no, I dont mean digging my hands into lumps of clay to make dirtballs(Hey, I could use that thought!:P)

Infybloggers have taken to outstation trips. This is news and progress too :) We only had Mysore Blogger meets by the poolside. Get introduced everytime and part ways. Lol. Anyway, have a good trip.



1:16 PM

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