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The spirit of motherjane

AMAJANIAC- Its a word that symbolises many things. A collective spirit. A sense of belonging. A sense of being part of something big, but which is at the same time small, when compared to what it will become in the near future. An amalgamation of several minds who happen to be swayed by the same magiC, the spell of which is more powerful than the heaviest drug in the world. Its the magic of timeless music fron five unassuming gentlemen, collectively called motherjane. And when each of us in the audience scream 'AMAJANIAC', we just mean, 'am a die hard motherjane fan'.

It was the idea of Navi, the youngest Janiac amongst us, to come up with a T shirt that screamed to the world how much we love this band. And with his artistic cousin Raja, they set out the plan. Me and Nikhil joined in the plot. We had half portion of our faces painted in the Kathakali colours signifying the half human- half spirit idea of motherjane. After almost a day of painstaking painting, most of which was done by Raja, all of it was photographed individually. Then we had it printed on black T shirts. The backside had the chorus part of the new motherjane song, 'Amajaniac'.
Painting...all concentration..

When we went mad posing...

All of it was a top secret operation. We planned well to reveal it as a surprise during the motherjane concert in Hard rock cafe,Bangalore. On the rainy working day, we set out to HRC with normal shirts worn over our prized T shirts. Me and Nikhil reached there after doing a submarine trip on my bike through the half submerged Bangalore roads. Both of us were behaving like stoned idiots as we kept on laughing on our journey wading through water, splashing it head high. HRC is an awesomely designed place with rock memorabilia all around, though we had our own doubts about their authenticity. The majestic stone structure used to be a church.
posing with motherjane wearing our printed Tees

So it was time for our surprise. We called all 5 of them from motherjane together. Then we removed our shirts in a flash revealing our face painted T shirts. The look on their faces was priceless. Surprise, joy, everything was on view. And we were happy too at the success of our perfectly planne doperation. They put up an awesome show as usual winning over new fans in the process. The icing on the cake was when Suraj chettan specially mentioned us diehard fans in between the show. Other similar diehard janeheads were present, like the guy who listened to the 'maktub' album for 65 days staright and the guy who bought the first copy of motherjane's first album 'Insane biography'. This concert also happened to be the anniversary of the release of 'maktub'.
Motherjane rocking HRC

Baiju..ripping it apart..

The rocking day ended with a triples trp on my bike with Nikhil and Raja on the Bangalore roads infested with 'bribe hungry' lawmakers. And we almost got caught as a check point. Thankfully Raja did the escape act before the police noticed. Though later we had a hard time running for food all around Bangalore, this will surely go down among the list of 'best days of my life'.

Adding some lines from the new motherjane song, 'amajaniac', which also appears at the back of our T shirts.

"Who am I?" is still what I am.
But now I have a name
As part of something that grows
And embraces that refrain.
Here,let me say that again.
I'm a bloody janiac, come sunshine or rain...

PS- Do checkout the awesome poem written by Navi, which will be posted in his blog pretty soon. He sure is the biggest motherjane fan I've seen.

your crusader Praveen

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ente daivame, madposing it is! :)

3:13 AM

Awesome! Living a passion, eh? Good job!

9:51 AM

Supercool! Too bad I had to miss this show in HRC. They brough Opus down a couple of weeks back. They are the best live act I have seen so far!

4:58 PM

nice! i loved the beginning of ur post. it had a review like many of ur other posts but the way u presented it was totally different! one hell of a fan,arent u? :-)

11:31 PM

bein a crazy fan of theirs it was bliss readin this ....nnaaaaaice job !! ....reminds me of smethin ...jst lke a week or so bak wen they were here for their delhi gig ....they painted mine n varun's(noter frnd of ours) face too ....hhha was beyond extasy ....i was psyched ! ...we share a motherjane story nw eh ???? ;) .....
their music to me goes beyond bein the epitome of pure joy ...!

7:52 AM

there's a method to the madness :P


indeed the best live act in India rite now..missed the opus show..was in tvm :(

u bet!!!!

wow!nice to see another diehard janehead like us here...y dont u share those experiences in ur seems u updated it pretty long time back

1:38 AM

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