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It was some months back that we all heard about the brilliant actor called Sam Anderson. His dance sequences and breathtaking dialogue delivery has been floating around as popular forwards for quite sometime. Some months back I got the full DVD of Sam's one and only movie. Though I been planning to watch it for a longtime, I never got the courage to sit and watch it alone. Its in this scenario that I got an opportunity to watch it this saturday. Some of our old collegemates were here for a get together this past weekend. About 10 of them, who had arrived from places like Trivandrum, Hyderabad and Mumbai, had reached our flat o Friday itself. Thats when we had the idea of using them as guinea pigs for the Sam movie experience.

As decided by me, Raja and Praveen, we made an announcement on Saturday morning- "We are gonna play for you a superb new 'adult' movie. On hearing this, all the guys who were half asleep and lazing around, jumped up and shouted in unison- "Play it right now". So, we played for them the DVD of that classic Tamil movie then itself. Movie's name "Yaarkku yaaro Stepney" (who's whose stepney). Don't laugh at that crazy title. Its only towards then climax that you will realise the hidden inner meanings of this title (Provided you are alive at the time of the climax). The movie started with a song sequence featuring a heroine whose face can give nightmares to draculas. As the song gets over, her gold chain is robbed by some filthy looking robbers. Thats when our great hero Sam bhai makes his grand entry. He zooms in on a scooty and shattering with it all accepted norms of the looks of a hero. The robbers escaped. He rescues the heroine and starts with his superb dialogue delivery. The guys who were waiting to see an 'adult' stared impatiently at us. Some of them, who realised that this was our plan to fool them started making plans to beat us up. One guy who still hadn't given up his hope began fast forwarding in search of that elusive 'adult scene'. Anyway, in the end, we all decided to watch the whole movie.

The next 2 hours we all sat with wide open mouths watching Sam's adventures on screen. His acting is beyond the capabilities of a normal human being. There's no such thing that can be called an 'expression', on his face. There's only a constant 'rare' expression on his face. He's the only actor on the face of the earth who can deliver dialogues like "I love you", "She left me" and "I will kill you" with not a single change in facial expressions. When he delivers his dialogues, his eyes will be focussed mostly on the floor or the walls. He also has the habit of putting out his tongue occasionally. Also, his seals his mouth the moment he finishes his dialogue. In almost all the scenes, he appears by proudly projecting his big belly. He also has the habit of frequently staring at the camera. Sam's highlights are the song sequences. He has the ability to carry a whole song with his shoulders alone. This awesome dance step is known as "shoulder shake".

Now, talking about the movie, its even better. A guy called Joe stanley has handled the story, screenplay, direction, music, lyrics etc of the movie. When we did a search on him on the net, it didn't yield much results. My suspicion is that our Sam himself is Joe. Anyway, the whole movie is filled with moments which are brilliantly directed. I think the director just hung the camera somewhere and asked some random people to do whatever they like. The locations of the song sequences are praiseworthy. Its a ploughed up waste land which normal humans will think twice before using even as a toilet. In one of those scenes, you can even see a stray dog walking in the background. And the songs are even better. The song starting with "raasathi enn aasai raasathi" is on all our lips now. Sam's 'action song like' steps, the shocking smile and that stylish walk showing off the big belly adds to the beauty of the songs. Sam's character named David is an automobile engineer. He has hung several car designs all around his office, with most of the designs looking even worse than a nursery kid's crayon work. One of the 2 heroines always comes to his office and all these scenes start with the girl saying 'Hi David'. There are atleast 5 scenes like this. Sam's aim is to build a car costing Rs.70,000. Its being said that Ratan Tata came out with Nano after being inspired by Sam's movie.

In this movie, you will laugh at all scenes except those deliberately intended for comedy. The highlight of the movie is the climax. A girl whom Sam used to flirt with and later fooled, arrives with a stepney tyre. After rolling it towards Sam and his girlfriend, she says-"Stop seeing me as a stepney". Pat comes Sam's explanation-"You are the step which helped me to scale up the heights. Step nee(step you), step nee, step nee. I have never seen you as a stepney". God! we all really cried at that scene. After this, Sam and his girlfriend starts walking around his car imagining it to be the holy fire. After this, they head straight to Canada. By the time the movie ended, we all had become Sam Anderson fans. Most of them copied this movie to a DVD before they went back so that they could share it with their friends. I also joined in his orkut fan club. This film is a must watch for all movie buffs. If anyone has any doubts regarding whats acting, show them this movie. That will be the last time they will have that doubt.

PS-If anybody wants the DVD of this classic movie, contact me.

Don't miss these awesome clippings from the movie.

your crusader Praveen

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ROFLMAO!!! omg from which planet did u get this creature...???

i didnt know whether to laugh hysterically or beat my head with my hands! in fact i still can't decide whether ur english post or malayalam one is more hilarious :D

yes quite possible he himself directed, produced, and scripted the movie... its his only chance of becoming a hero!! btw thanks for the videos... i chked out some other related ones as well... all of them one classic after the other. chk out this one.. it's a scream! :D

4:38 PM

God..!!!! O mine, cant blive it, i am hearing abt sam 4 the 1st time, bt reading this post, i really wanna watch it, god hw u picked this thing...

4:58 PM

The explanation has driven me nuts already, and now you threaten to give away DVDs too! Kalyug! Kind of reminds me of this Hindi movie Saawwaann - The love season (I wonder if I got the spelling right? Or was it more w's and n's? :P) So Mr.Saawwaann Kumar directed, produced, wrote the lyrics, did the music and perhaps was the only one to have seen his work of art! Hilarious but must say, good work! :D

7:46 PM

I had seen this last year when someone forwarded a couple of youtube videos. He is one hell of a human being !!! I just wish our current crop of so called heroes are as half as talented as him. What looks !! What dance !!! What emotional scenes !! Any girl would fall for this phenomenon!!

7:47 PM

yaaruku yaaro.. i am a big fan of this monkey..

stepnee dialogue and his car diagrams

and his trade mark dance moves... he still gives me nightmares

thanks for posting

8:26 PM

This movie will surely sweep all awards at the Golden Raspberry, with all-time records. But its a crime to even classify this one as a movie. Feel sad for such retards wasting lakhs of rupees by creating such shit.

I wonder why we dont send this to RAW or IB to use it as a torture mechanism. Telecast this in vistara screen full blast dolby in cell rooms of Ajmal Kasim and other terrorists... I think it is better than hanging them.

10:58 PM

cant wait to get my hands on this one...hehe...u could have put this movie under ur usual "pick this flick"...hehe...

excellent sarcasm all the way thru...:)

5:43 PM

Is Sam Anderson Blind??? we have heard rumors saying the same!!


2:59 PM

no..sam is not blind..

8:18 PM

Brim over I assent to but I dream the collection should prepare more info then it has.

9:06 PM

Apparently these are movies shot by the church to spread the message of Jesus. Yes, hence you are questioning the right of artistic freedom through this post! He is GOD. Jai Sam Annaaaa...

2:05 AM

Hello Sir
1st of all thanks a lot for this post.
I just got the videos of rasathi rasathi song, from where i wanted to see this movie, wen i put the hero's name on the screen, the 1st link in google is yours.
After listening the story, am very keen in watching the full time comedy/thriller/action.
so please forward a copy of DVD.
my mail address is
pls mail a test mail from where i will mail u my resedent address.

5:29 AM

hey am going to watch tis movie today yar........ so plseeeeeeee pray for me and good boy...if am alive aftr tat wil post my review...

2:23 PM

Am going to see tis film now and guys plseeeeeeeeeeee pray for me ....if am alive aftr watchg i wil post my revw.....

2:28 PM

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