Cleaning up: A Nostalgic Trip  

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The posters..torn from the walls :(

One of the best ways to relive your old days in school and college is to clean up your old room. Thats what I learned last week. As we were planning to rent the top floor of our home in Trivandrum, we had to do a clean up operation. More precisely, I had to do it because almost the entire floor was filled with my own stuffs. The so called stuffs include things ranging from the LKG alphabet book to the engineering data books. Considering the possibility of classified and 'secret' documents being present in those heaps, I told my mother not to touch any of those. I planned last weekend's trip home just for this cleaning up purpose. And yeah, it was worth it.
a part of the wall..before removing the posters

The minute I opened the big wall shelf, I could sense that dusty old smell. The shelf was full to the brim in 3 compartments. I had to decide what all things to throw and what to keep. Considering the fact that one of my hobbies happens to be 'collection', I was sure the things to throw away won't be much to speak about. The first things I laid my hands on were the notebooks. There were those crazy 4 line english copy books, 2 line malayalam and hindi copy books, homework books, notebooks just to write impositions and rough books. I made it a point to check for hidden pieces of paper. No, I was not looking for any loveletters from my school sweethearts. I was keeping an eye on any crazy notes we used to pass each other in school. I did get some. Also the back pages of notebooks were a treat. Anything from poorly done sketches of the girl in the next bench to nicknames of teachers were seen there. A 7th standard notebook's
backpage was filled with the old 'FLAMES'game, using which you could easily find out whether a particular girl will be your friend, lover, wife, enemy or a partner in bed. And the funniest thing is that most of the girl's name whom I tried out in those pages never even became an acquaintance. Some other notebooks had chocolaty lyrics of boy bands written at the back like "you are my fire(:P)...". The one which takes the cake is a special notebook with pictures from 'titanic' movie pasted in many pages. I was on the point of banging my head on the wall at this 'heights of chocolatiness', when I stumbled on the prize catch- a diary of poems written in school. I started it in 8th standard by writing malayalam poems. There was a poem called 'Ente premam(my love)', reading which made me cry with shame. It was written to impress our
beautiful class magazine editor. All the lines were filled with elaborate descriptions of her beauty, her eyes, her hair, her hands and even her legs(GOD!). Arranging the college notebooks was the easiest part-there were only less than 10 of them for all the 4 years. And most of them filled with heavy metal lyrics, crazy drawings and sometimes the highest of expletives.

Once I got over with notebooks, I proceeded to my precious collection of paper cuttings. It was a hobby which I started way back in school. Amma always told me never to do that because most of the papers couldn't be used for wrapping things once I started my operation. Rifling through those paper cuttings were like reading a mini history text book. There were entire collections of papers during world cups and other important events. Most of Sachin's centuries and Schumi's wins were carefully cut and kept. All the separate categories were kept in separate covers like music, movies, sports, politics. There were crappy cuttings of movie stars which went staright to the dust bin.
All over the wall...

The last part of the cleaning up operation was the painful part-Removing the heavy metal posters in our band's practise room. A collection acquired from years of buying and stealing rock magazines from friends. I carefully cut the cello taped parts so as to use the posters later. At the end of it all, amma was happy. What started with a single poster in the corner of the room, hijacked the whole room and turned it into four black walls of heavy metal Gods in just a few months time. After I removed everything, she was saying, "Ippozhaanu ivide kaattum velichavum vanu thudangiyathu"(Its only now that light and air has started to come into this room). Still, for me, to see that room without the posters, the guitars, the DVDs and that old desktop was a pain. I could easily say that the times spent inside this room were some of the best of my life. Those four walls and that little space in between means a lot to me. Anyway, the whole exercise was an enjoyable one.

your crusader Praveen

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Its a lot of fun cleaning up! Especially if it involves memorabilia from the past! They evoke some memories like never before!

On a lighter note, U r lucky that I wasn't around during this clean up of urs, coz if I was, I would have nitched some of those superb posters there! Lol :)

9:50 AM

awww... truly nostalgic! all those notebook one-line copy notebooks, the scribbles at the back, the FLAMES ( :D ), the poems!! (ROFL!) and of course the posters.

it is all these that made ur room, ur room in the first place! sad that u had to give them away... but atleast it made ur mother happy and u a trip down the memory lane. lovely!

11:32 AM

amazing description..its indeed a wonderful way of revisiting childhood :)

lol@FLAMES..even v did wen i luk bac at some things, i feel like smiling and laughing :P

11:45 AM

LOL. I can understand your 'feelings' !

9:37 PM

I understand. I had gone through the same thing 2 years back

10:09 PM

Hey that computer room carries with it a smell of nostalgia for everyone who visited it,especially me….Praveen was one of the first guys in tvpm with a cd writer and he had a vast collection of music,films and ..well …ahem…assignments….. We had a cd sop called CD planet near our place. He used to visit it and get the latest music collection...
Guys,Praveen had a very good collection of cinema and music…you name it he had it….
he kept the cds neatly stacked in a cardboard box…he wote down their names in cover and may be he took printout of artist , songs and kept as the cover.
we used to go there and rummage through the box…
He lost count of who took which CD…he started maintaining a notepad with the details of who took what
It is the place from which I managed to get the music I loved and to expand my music tastes
later pen drives with GBs of memory came everyone had torrent,everyone started going to bheemapally
no one had much use of the box now…
Praveen became a rockstar. A guitar, amplifier, its stand came to his room the box was pushed under a sofa….no one cared to look much In it. It became a thing of past…I believe the box still lies somewhere bearing all those beautiful emmories

3:42 PM

hey... need place 2 store ur posters... i don mind keeping them for u... it wont be too much of a hinderance.. :P :P

9:36 PM

I won't keep any poster freaks around while am dealing with my posters :P

yes..thts the positive side of it..If not for the cleaning up, I wudn't have got a chance to think about all this

hhehehe...I am just thinking on how many gals did flames with my name :D

y the 'feelings' in quotes ;)

atleast u cud get all those things back in ur new house..

that comment reminded me of more things that I actually had forgotten...our mad cd days:D..thanks a lot :D

@Hari thanks :P

12:36 PM

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