I wish: An appeal to Racists  

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Racism is the buzzword everywhere these days. An ugly centuries old practice which died and got revitalised a thousand times has reared its ugly head again. For every Hitler, there was a Jesse Owens or Rosa Parks who stood up(or sat down) for their own self respect. Times changed, the Berlin wall fell, terms like reverse racism began to be heard. Neo Nazis were also seen in many mean streets around the world. Then came President Obama and the world believed that racism died its least death. But, let me tell you, this guy called 'racist' is a tough nut who lives inside each one of us. Some among us carry so much love that the racist in them dies an early death, drowning in that love poison. Many among us take our time to cultivate love and kill him. And, a handful among us cultivate hate and thus making him grow into a monster and take them over. He makes them do all kinds of nasty things like the ones we see in Australia these days, where Indians are finding it hard to just walk on the streets. And while we look and point fingers at those monsters, we shouldn't forget the monsters living within us and among us. Am sure no one needs lessons on India's ugly caste structure and the unhealthy reservations, which are supposedly magic potions which can wash away years of caste oppression.
Wherever it happens, lets just stand together and boot out racism. Hate of the highest order, the one set on blind and high principles, can be broken down only with love of the highest order. Lets make use of the ultimate weapon in this war which needs to end atleast in this century. Lets all kill the racist within us before we demand the execution of the racist under trial. Below is a poem which I wrote yesterday night regarding this subject. Its the story of 2 brothers. One is the son of a black man and the other, of a white man. But, they same out of the same womb, whose colour they didn't notice. The poem is an appeal from the black brother to his white brother....

*********I wish......... ********
I wish you saw your own eyes better
And looked inside your narrow heart.
Your black and white eyes know better,
than your white skinhead brain.

I wish these were physical boundaries,
instead of the thorny hate thoughts.
I can endure a torn bloody flesh,
But I fail before those invisible slurs.

I wish God was not such an artist,
Or somebody just stole his colour palette.
He should've coloured us all the same
Or just made us all colour blind.

I wish you gave a pat on my back,
than that shattering slap on my face.
O brother, I can take a million more of those,
Only if you could shower a drop of love.

I wish you saw beyond all those clouds,
I wish you saw the futility of hate,
I wish we all could live and help live,
I wish the world opened its eyes, atleast for once..

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your crusader Praveen

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the point is, when ppl in india are raising a hue and cry about racism there, what they dont realise is that when they point one finger to someone else, the remaining fingers of the same hand are pointing to themselves.
what about the bias against those of another colour in india - be it black or white (as opposed to brown indians)? what about the bias within states... north vs south and then against n.east? what about the bias of religions against one another? dont get me started... its a long way to go!

ur post is sad..but true. touching poem!

11:14 AM

Very meaningful post, especially in the backdrop of all hat is happening now in Australia!

Superb lines in the poem too!

Fabulous write!

11:54 AM



I second everyyyy word!!!

12:21 PM

Superb... its sad to see that the devil of racism still exist, its sad to see those brillient ppls efforts to rise against racism has been teared apart by monsters that live inside everyone of us..
the poem is superb specialy from 2 statnza onwards, it simply shows those sheer innocent look, of what i am at fault for?

1:24 PM

Micheal jackson says:

Youre thinkin of
Being my brother
It dont matter if youre
Black or white

racism is a sin..

2:32 PM

Nicely written men...

I loved this 2 lines specially

"He should've coloured us all the same
Or just made us all colour blind."

on da spot...:)


7:27 PM

i know that i am not safe around here, cos of my skin color

9:17 PM

Its a horrible horrible world :(

The more we try to make it better, the more it worsens.

11:26 PM

the list that u started to mention is just the tip of an iceberg...:(

thanks man :)

thanks :)

@devil incarnate
its time to start killing the monsters and devils inside us all..

yeah...Today morning I was thinking of this song only

thanks :)

I din't quite get wat u meant by that

Indeed...but still we gotta keep on trying..

12:07 AM

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