My new cam @ rock ethos 09  

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Motherjane- just after the kathakali makeup

Atlast, I got my hands on my dream camera-Canon Powershot SX 10IS. Its after a long wait for the model to arrive in the grey market and having lost my patience, I headed straight to the cam shop in forum on saturday. The first snap was clicked my the store staff himself, a group pic of me and my roomies. My area of expertise being the real tough mobile photography (:P), right now my state is like an LKG student learning differantiation and integration. Studying the long manual is a boring task. To save me from that boredom, my Guru Vivek was there offering me lot of tips through phone and gtalk.
Me, Raja n Navi with Motherjane

with Bhayanak maut vocalist Vinay
setting the stage on fire

I didn't have to wait long for first photography assignment. Rock ethos 09 concert happened in Palace grounds on Saturday and Sunday. We gave the Saturday show a miss. On Sunday, it was a great day with my favourite band Motherjane. Me, Raja and Navi were there right from the time they put their Kathakali makeups to the time they left the stage. Raja did try his hand in doing the Kathakali face painting while I clicked away. In between, I had a great insightful talk with a freelance photographer Venkitesh, who came to interview Motherjane at their hotel. He talked on how he left a high paying job in IBM to pursue his passion. Then, we headed to the concert venue.
Motherjane on stage

Rain clouds were gathering as we reached Palace grounds. A promising band from north east was on stage then. Backstage, we got to meet the guys from Bhayanak Maut. By the time Motherjane got on stage, rain was pouring thick and fast. After a 30 minute delay during which the crowd got real angry, but peace was restored when Baiju chettan started the proceedings with a nice reworking of 'Vande Mataram'. The PA system and the colourful lights were off because of the incessant rain. But, Motherjane with their 'come rain or shine, we will rock the crowd' attitude went on to do the best show of the evening. With a perfect mix of songs from the new and old album like 'disillusioned', Chasing the sun', 'mindstreet', 'Fields of sound' etc, it was one special show in the rain. The spirit of the crowd which stayed put in the rain and headbanged to glory, is worth mentioning. Then came Bhayanak Maut with their brand of hardcore metal and I just loved their raw energy. The crowd went berserk with some heavy moshing. Vinay, with his long beard and bald head was a show stealer. The final band was myndsnare and except Yasmine's exceptional drumming, it was not upto the mark. And at 10 0 clock, our 'Moral' #$^%%$^ police stopped the show...
Bhayanak Maut on stage
Yasmine Claire-The lady drummer

PS- No, This wont be a fulltime photblog. Am not good enough for that as of now :P.

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Deadly !

12:56 AM

Great! It is an SLR right?

Of the photos, I liked the first (great colours and good quality) and the last (although I feel it would have been better had there been 3 or just one person in the frame, 2 makes it look a little odd, just 1 would have been wow!).

But a great effort and lucky you! ;)

9:04 AM

S10 IS - a good cam.. play around, that is teh best way to learn.. nice snaps :)

9:40 AM

Many congratulations on ur new cam! Good post! Have fun! Hoping to see more pictures!

10:54 AM


2:23 PM

gr8 pics :D

n yeah the cam seems good enuff.. i too got a new one- NIKON L18 :D

P.S. Was away, missed reading all you guys :D

4:10 PM

didnt get any other photo of ours?? in motion photography?? :P

btw.. nice pics!! i think i see a budding photographer! i don't know.. what do u think??

5:17 PM

wonderful !! coming from a not so fan of rock music and growing lazy by the day person means a lot ..

I really enjoy the photo eassys and yours are quite a treat ..

6:45 PM

Uber! Someone's having a ball with the new play-thing. ;)


8:51 PM

MJ rox...

great snaps u have there bro.. rocks....

2:08 PM

2:08 PM

Congrats man. Donno when I manage to convince myself to get a decent cam! Saw you on the concert night on stage while we were getting drenched in the bloody rain! You should have snapped our hapless pics too!

5:26 PM

damn cool ya :)
nice pix

the concert appears 2 b vry lively..u all look so charged up

never heard of 'bhayanak maut'

5:44 PM

yea...they r:D

its not an SLR.
yea..i have the same pic with 1 person too:D

am playing around a lot:D

Thanks a lot


hope 2 c your snaps too soon

all our group pics r spoiled man:P

i donnow if am budding enuf..:D

your comments are also a treat

U bet!


You cud've called me, I wud've snapped...hehhee:D

yeaa...charged up like hell!
bhayanak maut is one of India's heaviest live bands

12:57 AM

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