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My mind was blank for the past many days and my blog been a true reflection of that blankness. The net connection at home which been down for the past 5 days kept me away from my blog and so I couldn't get the motivation to write. So, the last few nights were spend watching movies. Anyway, Yesterday night I got this sudden urge to write something, maybe because of the wild holy celebrations by the bloggers in my company yesterday evening. I think the riot of colours on everyone's faces and my own eyes stirred up my mind. So here it goes...

Advertisements are an art form, just like movies. Some are irritating, some are pleasing. Some are well timed whereas some others are ill timed. Here is one such list...

Strategically placed ADs and establishments

1. Condom AD placed at the climatic curve of a long hairpin climb.

2. Motion control(Constipation inducing) tablets AD placed at the backside of the door to a public toilet.
Reason-Nobody would dare to use a public toilet unless in an emergency case which at most times happens to be a bad stomach due to an over eating excercise. And by placing the AD at the back of the door, we can be sure that it will be noticed.

3. Restaurant AD(or the restaurant itself) near the venue of a political Satyagraha.
Reason- You will think that this is a candidate for a wrongly placed AD. No, this is one of the best placed of the lot considering the sincerity level of our political Satyagrahis.

4. Job website AD at the gate of popular companies.
Caution- This works only during recession.

5. 'Horse for sale' AD outside parliament.
Reason-Obvious. Think horsetrading.

6. Saree shop AD outside Ramsene headquarters.

7. Pirated CD/DVD stall in front of a music shop. I saw a perfect example of this infront of musicworld in Bangalore. When I got out of musicworld, there was hardly anyone inside, but there was a big crowd in front of the pirate guy.

8. Matrimonial agency/website AD outside a family court.

9. 'Defeat fear of heights. Meet Psychologist Mr. X' AD placed at a bungee jumping location.

10. 'Complete final year project for 500 rupees' AD outside engineering colleges.

Wrongly placed ADs

1. Barber shop AD at a heavy metal concert.

2. Chicken shop near a Brahmin settlement.

3. Saas bahu serial AD in between cricket matches. Set Max is the best example. Even during the current India-NZ series, which happens at hours during which saas bahu fans never watch TV, we are given an ample dose of these ADs.

4. 'Faith healing' AD opposite to an atheist's house.

5. Adoor Gopalakrishnan movie poster outside porn movie theatre.

6. Itch guard AD inside a restaurant.

Feel free to add more.

your crusader Praveen

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actually an Adoor movie poster outside a 'soft' movie theater isnt a bad idea at all.. They might be useful to rope in the near-extinct nomadic 'bujis', who are only attracted to art, ganja and sex. ;)

12:14 AM

'Porn Movie theatre'??? where is that dude... Sreebala ano aliya?

10:17 AM

Howabt a shop selling coffins right next to a Hospital :)

10:19 AM

haha.. good one... barber shop ad outside a heavy metal concert... a few heavy metal teams are coming up with tonsure heads and artificial wigs which they remove and throw while banging...

itch guard was fun.. glad to be back

god bless


2:05 PM

Lol! Some of them are hilarious!

4:15 PM

LOL@Wrongly placed ADs
hw did u think of these funny ads?

7:30 PM

You should consider doing copy writing, for some Ad Agency.. :D!

Great rollicking stuff!

9:28 PM

lol ...good compilation ....

keep blogging ...really interesting posts :-)

1:06 AM

Nice post man. You should be a consultant for ad agencies. ;) Srsly!

8:58 AM

well, I never thought tht way..good line of thinking man:)

athe...Trivandrum aakumbol athalle ullooo oru soft theatre..hehhee

nice idea thr:P


The idea came one day when I was driving along a steep hairpin road back home...and at the climatic turn I saw this ad for moods condoms...I found that ad to be perfectly placed...and that inspired the rest :P

@Usha m'am
donnow whthr they'll accept me;)


am already stuck in anothr job...hehee

11:49 AM

Made for a good laugh, Praveen

Thanks - this dull noon I wanted that :)


12:09 PM

some of the ones pointed was utterly hilarious ...

I loved the first pic the most ... The condom ad was good and the Complete final year ... one was also great.

keep em coming.

3:32 AM

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