Motherjane ' Broken' Video:Brilliance on Camera  

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Motherjane's much awaited video of the song 'broken' was released yesterday in their official site. Thematically, this is one of the best Indian rock videos I've seen in recent times. It chronicles the relationship between a father and son. The father, a Kathakali exponent is so immersed in the art that he doesn't have time for his motherless child. This is best shown in the scene where the man is shown sleeping on his bed with the kathakali makeup on. The son comes near and tries to wipe away the makeup to see his father's face, but the angry man drives him away. Time passes and the lonely son grows up to become a rebel communist, as illustrated by the portrait of Che Guevera hung on his room's wall. The old father now craves for his son's love and attention. Now, the roles are reversed. The son doesn't have time for his father. We see a role reversed repeat of the earlier scene where the father comes to the son's bedroom and is driven away. The man contemplates committing suicide and is shown staring at the noose hanging from the roof. But at the last minute, he decides against it. Now, he dons the Kathakali makeup once again, for a special show for his son. But, this time, only half his face is painted, the other half revealing his human side. Thus the father and son find peace.

When I saw the first scenes of this video, of the father sitting with a plateful of meal in front, I was thinking 'What the hell is this?'. But by the end of the video, I was telling myself 'This is one bloody brilliant video'. All the band members appear with their trademark half painted faces. I don't think I've to talk about the musical side of the song, about which reams have been written before. Baiju chettan's killer carnatic solo, John chettan's precise drumwork, Deepu chettan's thumping rhythm section, Clyde chettan's awesome bass and Suraj chettan's brilliant vocals make this a must listen song. This is the song for which Suraj Mani got the best rock vocalist nominations at the famed AVIMA awards. The lyrics are as follows-

We’ve all, We've all been broken
Shattered, left mute with regrets unspoken

We’ve all loved and lost

Been forsaken, repented our deepest trust

We’ve all wondered why

Destiny picked us to cry

Why faith has to be tested,

And life doesn’t turn out the way intended

We’re mended to be broken

Yet human clay believes itself golden

Stunning in its courage to be happy
As wild elations tempered with black melancholy

Additional info on the video- The kathakali performance that is shown in the video is the famous
'Balivadham'(Killing of bali by Lord Rama). When God himself turns against a man, he is helpless. Thats what happened with Bali, who was killed by Rama as a return favour for Sugriva who helped him to fight ravana. Thanks to Suraj Chettan for patiently explaining the small small things related to the video.

your crusader Praveen

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kollam.. kidu :) going to share this in my twitter...

9:34 AM

Wow! Just wow! Thanks for the share, man...


2:53 PM

Hey I've heard them live when they came to Tvm for Nirvaan. They played Broken 3 times at our request!

6:51 PM

I am not a fan of the rock genre. But somehow I liked the concept and yeah for a change, the song too. :D Nice video, thanks for sharing !

4:21 AM

wow !! :) thanks for the share..

12:36 AM

The concept is great and the portrayal of the it is also awesome.
Talking about the music, the guitar solo is refreshing but The vocals are good but the song is not one you want to hear again and again ..

4:51 AM

Thanks Praveen, shall watch it later :) Enjoyed your explanation of it too; and I did so like the lyrics, and the positivity of the end of the video as you describe it!

4:21 PM

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Nice one from mothejane again...

Thanks for posting the video praveen

2:49 PM

Nice one from mothrjane again..

Thanks for posting the video Praveen:)

2:50 PM

@XH it!


all their songs are worth repeat listenings..

U needn't be a fan of rock genre to love motherjane...even my mother loves their songs:D


Tastes differ..But I guess they are one of the best bands ever to come out of India...and their album is the most repeated item in my ipod..

@Usha m'am
nice to see u in blogs after such a long time..

send a mail..


12:42 AM

Jabri.. Full on!!! Beautiful write up


p.s:- rather than "small small", the word "minute" could have been used.. small small ain't really english is it??

9:31 PM

Nice video!!
Really loved the angles and the lighting!

6:52 AM

@ Hari : small small it seems !!! blog though !! kick ass

9:36 PM

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