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Its morning again. The rays of sun and my mother's non stop calls of 'wake up wake up' made me sit up from bed. I go straight to my cd player and push the play button..The mellow strains of guitar starts and then Rahman's magical voice enters singing 'vellai Pookkal'. This is how I begin every other day. Today also I did the same, but this day was special. It was A.R.Rahman's 41st birthday. A day special for every rahman fan, a day he celebrates every year like his own

birthday. Here, I celebrate my day as a Rahman musical.....

Rahman has made a song for every moment of the day, every emotion and every action. After 'vellai pookkal' welcomed me to the beautiful world, its time for me to take a bath..here comes 'kulicha kutraalam' from duet. I looked at my small garden as i walked along. 'en veetu thottathil' is the song on my lips now. Then i took a peek at the days' newspaper, as usual the i saw some news about some communal riot in north india. The song that came to my mind was 'ishwar allah' from earth. Oh, its breakfast time. Amma's affectionately calling me to come and eat. Seeing the love in her eyes, i think of the song 'kalayil dinavum' from New, describing motherly love.

Its 9 am. Time 4 me to go to college. I kickstart my black unicorn. Now what else..but 'LOSE CONTROL'..I cross the college gate singing 'apni to paathshala, masti ka paathshala..na koi padne waala, na koi seekhne wala'. Its college election time. The campaigning is going on in full swing..am singing 'kannai katti kollathe' from Iruvar after seeing all those pandemonium. Ok, let me attend atleast one period. Now teacher asked me to show me her notebook. Getting into the
class itself is a big acievement for me and she's asking me for note. Am singing 'urvasi, take it easy urvasi' [her name's not urvasi..donnow her name...he hee] in my mind. Well, she took it pretty easy and asked me to get out. 'Ekla chalo' from 'bose-the forgotten hero' is the song for the moment because no one is there with me as usual. She asked only me to get out. I've got nothing to do. So I just walk along the corridors looking at those beautiful gals passing along. Its 'Kalluri Saalai' from kadhal desam as i take a second look at the most beautiful among the lot. Now i head to the cricket ground. There's an exciting match going on there. As am not that expert in playing, my place is at the gallery in the cheering squad singing 'chale chalo' from lagaan. A gust of wind swept through the ground thus providing a little cool atmosphere.
There goes 'kaatre' from rhythm. Now , my best friend comes after the period to give me company. We walked back togather from the ground singing 'musthafa musthafa'.

Its evening. Time 4 me to go back. There's a road block due to a protest march going on in front of us. There's lathicharge and stone pelting up front. I remember the song 'Khoon Chala' from RDB. As i ride along the road, I can see beggars, child labourers from bihar and at the same time a minister passing through a luxury car...Thats how diverse our land is. What better song to symbolise it other than 'yeh jo des hai tera'. Now i've to hurry to be with our band for our rock show tonight. As I wait to get on stage, 'sa re ga me' is the song that inspires me to give it my best shot. The scene of the applauding crowd makes me remember arr's words to always keep my feet on the ground. Now am riding back home on my bike. Night is falling. 'New york nagaram' is the song on my lips.[just change the city name, thts alll]...Well, morrow is a holiday, so i can sleep till noon..'colombus, colombus, chutti hai bhai'....Its a sweet moonlit night. I take my acoustic guitar to play some soft stuff before i go to sleep..what better song than 'Khamosh raat' from 'thakshak'....and atlast am in bed after a hectic day...as i close my eyes, i can imagine my amma singing a lullaby 4 me..'Ghoomparani' from 'Bose'...

Thats a day from my life, told in the form of a musical. And thats my tribute to my idol , the musical genius A.R.Rahman. ARR ended 2006 with a bang by winning the song of the year award in polls conducted by 3 leading news channels. If it was 'lose control' that won in NDTV, 'Roobaroo' made it a clean sweep by winning in CNN IBN and TIMES NOW. Mind u, this was an year in which a guy called Himesh Reshammiya bombarded us with 30 albums of his nosy tracks and was hailed as the greatest thing in Indian music. But, Rahman proved again that quality matters more than quantity. He swept all awards with just one album, that had more vareity than all the other releases of the year combined. Rahman also continued to be the face of Indian music abroad. Towards the end of the year, a list of 56 songs to be considered for oscars were released.. and guess what, our man had 3 songs in that list. One from Water and 2 from Rang De Basanti. And he has two films of his competing in the best foreign film category. RDB from India and Water from Canada. Now, can anyone match that. hope that we could see him with that coveted statue at the kodak theatres this year. This was also an year in which he made great inroads into hollywood. He made a completely foreign crowd at the Hollywood bowl dance to his Indian tunes. His cult classic 'chaiyya chaiyya' was part of the soundtrack of the big budget film 'Inside man'. It was a great feeling to see a Hollywood film opening with A.R.Rahman's song. Then, his evergreen composition 'Bombay Theme' was used in the soundtrack of the Nicolas Cage starrer 'Lord of war'. He was also active in the ad circuit with the Worldspace ads becoming a favorite with the audiences. His tamil releases 'God father' and 'Sillunu oru kaathal' also topped the charts. 'New York Nagaram' and 'Munbe Vaa' is still being played a million times a day in all the tamil music channels. Now, with GURU music finding favour with the critics and audience alike, he's all set to rock 2007. Altogether, it was another eventful year in the life of the musical genius. Another milestone in the musical journey of the man who considers the journey more important than the destination.

A million Thanks for spreading happeiness all over the world with your music...

NB- it was an eventful year for me as an ARR fan as I finally got to meet my idol face to face, give a shakehand and also got an autograph..It was on June 10th ..chkout my previous post on that...

sorry 4 the late posting...this was meant to be posted yday..on his bday..but could n't do...

with love,
the greatest fan of ARR....your crusader Praveen

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there's a rahman song for every mood ...and more!

nice narrative :)

and, can't forget june 10th myself, thanks jabri >:D<

to rahman, happiest birthday!


2:33 PM

LOL........Abs. awesome.....The tru Rahman fans emotions comin thru this awesome muzic...Let 6th Jan. be a day for all of us to rejoice the birth of IMMORTAL music in India...ROCK ON bro!!

9:08 PM

Brilliant man!
Great read! :-)

12:02 AM

Thts a really kewl post!!!Keep bloggin':)

7:22 PM

yo man.......ur post on rahman was simply superb.
ur take on his songs and most importantly the respect u have for rahman is to be appreciated.

9:19 PM

very sweet post... had a sweet time reading it..especially the colege part...quite funny..and the musical as a tribute to A.R.Rahman is superb.keep it up...

3:33 AM

Wow, that was a great post dude. Three cheers to India's greatest virtuoso.

As a side-note, you can find most of his albums here:


A very good site.

12:31 PM

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