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Now, this is a thing to be proud talking about Tata steel's successful takeover of anglo dutch steel giant Corus. Now, almost all of world's steel production is in the hands of Indians. Hope u remember Mittal steel's takeover of Arcelor. These are the things that raises the stature of the country in the global arena. Not Shilpa Shetty's manufactured emotional tryst on Big brother. The media was obsessed with projecting her as a sign of India's growing stature abroad. And she herself was telling us that she made the country proud with her exemplary behaviour and then by her winning the big brother show. This is such a big piece of crap to say the least.

Anyone with little common sense can understand that BIG BROTHER was nothing more than a perfectly scripted TV show. There's not even a tinge of the so called 'reality' in it. The racism controversy was a well planned move to rescue a show which was sinking. And they did rescue it. More than that, senseless characters like Jade goody became household names worldwide. Then, the kissing and making up show between jade and shilpa 2 days later was another big pre planned twist to the tale. Shilpa's innocent looking face and her famous dialogue, ''i was not aware of the things going on all over the world because of this. I was not subjected to racism'' etc, proved that she can act well after all. It would've done her a world of good, if she had displayed this talent in her films, rather than the tiring skin shows. And Jade goody played the perfect villian. Now, there's the media, bombarding us with the latest from Big Brother and the house mates. Shilpa's winning was hailed all day long on all the news channels as the best thing to happen to India. But, they don't understand that this was also a foregone conclusion. Another hidden agenda of channel 4 was to boost the ratings of its Indian clone 'Big boss'. And the Indian media helped them in all the ways they could. Still, 3 days after the show ended, u can see some trivial news on shilpa's win on some of the channels. The most funniest was what i saw yesterday on CNN IBN- a feature on the Shettys who made it big. The interesting thing was that the reporter was also a Shetty. I wonder why such reputed channels stoop to such levels. What difference does a failed actress winning 3 crores make to the millions of starving Indians? What difference is it gonna make to the stature of India as a nation? Can anyone please answer these questions?Can Rajdeep Sardesai's long tongue which has the power to present trivial news as breaking news answer my question?

As long as these questions remain unanswered, these type of page 3 gossip will rule the Indian media headlines..Not a normal headline..But Banner headlines in big bold black letters...Don't be surprised if morrow the front page of your paper reads..''SHILPA's LITTLE FINGER BROKE YESTERDAY. BIG BROTHER PREVENTS THE BLEEDING BY HOLDING HER HAND
TIGHT''. Don't think am exaggerating, but this is the way in which the national media is heading.

Leave all those shit at big brother's house. Lets celebrate a news which deserves to be called as a sign of 'India rising'. TATA group laid a foundation stone on India Inc's quest to be the BIG BROTHER of World economy. I know, its a long way to go. But, there's nothing wrong in celebrating this. Some years back, such mammoth takeovers by Indian companies was unimaginable. Rather, it was the other way round with foreign companies taking over Indian companies. Now its all changed for good. Hope this is the just the starting point for a long list of Indian takeovers abroad. JRD Tata's dream has grown into a full fledged global empire thus taking India along with it to the top of the world corporate ladder. The TATAs have proved their worth in all the fields they have laid their hands on. Ratan Tata's able leadership has more than matched the huge legacy left behind by JRD Tata....This is a new dawn for India Inc... I can see the Indian domination looming large in the horizon...Celebrate..but don't rest on the laurels...Move ahead ...conquer....
Salutes to the real big brother of India Inc..the TATAs

With pride,
your crusader Praveen

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"There's not even a tinge of the so called 'reality' in it."

Yes! Let us celebrate the right thing!


12:47 AM

Absolutely awesome...was plannin 2 write bout the BIG BROTHER/BIG BOSS shit-scam but nothin can better that post of urs...ROCK on bro!

6:04 AM

Dey....Koore naalayallo ninte oru post kandittu... Examinte thirakkilano??

12:24 PM

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