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Evil dies...SATAN lives on...

Saddam- the latest victim of US atrocities. They fed him with weapons, made him conquer his neighbours and even glorified him. Then they discarded him like a chicken's bones after taking all the flesh. They called him a threat to humanity, the cruellest dictator on earth after Hitler. They bombed his kingdom, made him flee to an underground hole. They killed his sons and displayed their bodies proudly before the whole world. Then, caught him alive and paraded him like a traitor. But still, he held his head high. He looked them straight in the eye. He spoke against Bush and the US in a court set up with the sole aim of giving him the death sentence. His angry words against the judge and the inpiring words for his folllowers are the stuff of legend. And finally, today his execution took place. He remained calm and composed when he was brought before the hanging ropes. And in one last act of defiance, he refused to have his head covered by the black cloth. The Holy Quran accompanied him to the gallows.

Am not trying to glorify a cruel dictator with this post. But, what am opposing is the fact that he was hanged by a group of men who are responsible for million more massacres than Saddam. I wouldn't have said anything if Bush was also hanged side by side with Saddam. But, if Bush can live after doing so much, then Saddam too should have the right to live. What Saddam did over the years pales in comparison to what Bush and all the preceeding US regimes did all over the world. He didn't go all over the world and impose his military might on other countries. And when he invaded Kuwait, the US was the one country which secretly supported him. But, I do agree that he did kill a large number of shias. But the US government has no right to capture him, trial him and then send him to the gallows. Its a matter of fact that the International court of justice at Prague is now just an organisation for the sake of it. It seems the US supreme court has become the supreme court of the world. Once the trial of Saddam started, it was a foregone conclusion that verdict would be to hang Saddam. Such a farcical trial was exhibited to the world as a fair trial by Bush and his legion of fools. A trial which saw the lawyer of the defendant changing many times, once even by the death of one of them.

The execution of Bush will see far reaching consequences in world political climate. There are bound to be more terrorist attacks too as a result of the 'Saddam effect'. Bush and co. again proved that they are big fools when they caught the execution on camera and decided to give it to the media. They also proudly displayed the body of Saddam. They don't realise that such acts will only add fuel to the fire. This will inspire the followers of Saddam to do more attacks to revenge his death. Already, the after effects of the execution are beginning to show with a bomb going off in a crowded shia town killing more than 40 people. More such attacks can be expected in the coming days. Am waiting with a prayer on my lips to see the white house burning one fine morning and the beheaded body of bush hanging from a tree. I know this is too much to expect but as u know there are no limits to dreaming and this is one of those horrific dreams which actually makes me smile. DOWN WITH BLOODY BUSH!!!DOWN WITH USA!!!

I would like to add one more thing about the protests in India, especially in Kerala. This morning when I took my bike on the road, I was greeted by youth carrying black flags closing down all the shops. By noon, the city wore a deserted look with even the petrol pumps remaining closed. There were only a few vehicles on road. I don't understand what do these guys actually aim to convey with such kind of protests. Do they think that Bush would actually travel in his limousine through the streets of Kerala and would realise his folly? I don't think this will even become a scrolling item in the national news channels. All that this protest serves is to prevent some poor souls from getting their daily bread, as even small pan shops were asked to close down. This will also cause some damage to our already falling economy. It is not going to affect the Americans, it is not going to affect Bush. Protests are good, but only to a extent. We've to think if the protest we are going to do can actually bring about a change in the present situation. In this case, can we bring back Saddam from the dead? Can we make Bush a good man? Will this protest mean something to the wrong doers? or Will they atleast know about these protests? The answer to all this is a big NO. The protests should've been limited to wearing of black bands, display of posters, black flags and some peaceful marches rather than the shutting down of an entire state.But there is one silver lining in this protests..All the political parties of the state were united in condemning the death sentence and then declaring the hartal..atlast we needed Saddam to lay down his life for the political parties to take a united stand.

So, now u undertand the title of this post, i guess...Saddam was cruel, a peronification of evil...he died..but the Satan Bush is still here to create more Saddams....SATAN lives on.....

here are Saddam's last words to his followers...
``Here, I offer my soul to God as a sacrifice, and if he wants, he will send it to heaven with the martyrs,''


your crusader Praveen

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Exactyl my sentiments..could not have been better put....

10:07 PM

Well said mate...Saddam is Bad,but tht Damn Bush is worse!!!!!!!!!!1

11:07 AM

Spot on bro.....But the thing is- face it, we ourselves are sittin in the US' mouth. There is no limit to the atrocities which Bush and his CIA has done. The only opposition we couldve given to him is by joining forces with all neighbourin Asian countries. But wen therez civil war among ourselves, we cant even dare 2 say that Bush should be hanged....Coz that will end India's status as a country if we ever make a move against the US. But each word uve written is spot on, keep up the good work[;)]

2:48 PM

Nice post, its a really cool blog that you have here, i like the way you present things, keep up the good work, will be back.

Expect more from you...

Warm Regards

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