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Drug Addicts..Read On

Here's a song that i wrote some weeks back. Thought I'll post it now because as of now i don't have the time to write long elaborate posts. This song is about the last thoughts of a drug addict, the final minutes before his untimely death.

The Final High

As I lay there on the floor
Searching for a last straw to hold
As the sensation of tumbling down a hole
gave way to a ride up the mole.

Lifting me up from the depths of despair
With not even a tinge of perspire
As it later transpired
I was on a ride to the final pyre.

Giving me a false sense of freedom,
Never realised those were chains of slavedom
Rescuing me from my mind's battle bombs
Only to discard me in an unmarked tomb.

Speeding down life's glitzy highway
Confident that am on the one way
Late did i realise that I faced the wrong side
When I slammed into the oncoming tide

I dedicate this song to Kurt 'Nirvana' Cobain, the great rockstar whose life was ruined by drugs. I also dedicate this to all the drug adicts of the world....hope they will rescue themselves before they reach the final pyre...

with love,
your crusader Praveen

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nirvana is a sad ass band! try listening to some real rock music.....i suggest the doors! or some pink floyd songs.. not the chart toppers in the wall or dark side of the moon....

and bytheway 99% of the greatest rock music is inspired by grass! :P

6:29 AM
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8:25 PM

In that case you could have called the band Kurt Cobain and I do think he is fine...

i'd listened to some of nirvana and at one point i even liked it.. maybe because though my guitar skills suck i could actually play some of their songs...says something about the complexity :P

and if I have to classify pink floyd i'd rather say classic or progressive rock


6:10 AM

hey...every band has its own greatness...and nirvana were great in their own way...i wud call the revolutionary....u can never say such things bout nirvana, who were responsible for bringing people back to rock music after the poppish influence of the late 80s ...well, pink floyd is a band in another league...its not possible to compare the cud u compare grunge with psychedelic rock....and i hav listened to lotsa their songs and am one of the biggest fans of both the bands....
kurt cobain is a genius whom u cant ignore when u take the history of rock musicc....its hard to find such an influential personality in present day music.....

11:38 PM

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