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08/10/06..Note down this date. This day is gonna be a momentous one in the history of Trivandrum. A day which is going to change the face of the capital city as a true destination of rock music. Trivandrum has always been considered an ultra orthodox city not suited for stuff like rock. There are even rumours that the elders here associate rock musicians with sex and drugs[well, is thr any truth in tht...he he....i donnow]. Even now you maybe frowned upon by some people here if u say you are playing with a rock band or that you are a rock fan. And when we perform here for shows, what we get is pure ganamela sound system. The sound system guy don't even know the difference between bass guitar and lead guitar. For him, the distorted sound of the guitar is some unwanted noise within the amps and he would promptly be pulling down the volume. And when u start playing, you would be expecting headbangers at the front creating a mosh out there. But barring a few guys, what you get is an unresponsive crowd who will sit and stare blankly at you. Seeing that, whatever spirit you had in your mind will slowly drain away. And, if you are fortunate enough there would be the hip hop loving 'kewl' gals booing at you...ok enuf is enuf...Now its time for a change...

And thats exactly why i asked you to note down that date. This day marks a new beginning for us, trivadrumite rockers and rock fans. Today morning, TVM rockers met up at the museum grounds. It was really an enjoyable meeting. Its always a pleasure to meet people share the same thoughts as you, people who share a common love..a love for the pounding thrash of metals and the sound of the distorted guitar. Just as i thought about it, it struck me that dhwani may have served as a cause in uniting us all. What all we blame about that fest, i think this is one good thing that happened because of it. Beacuse, it is there at dhwani that we realised the problems that a rock band in TVM have to face. We realised the importance of being there for each other, not as competitors , but to help each other out. And moreover, we realised that we need to unite..and thus we united.... We have put forward some really great plans to be implemented in the near future. Am not revealing those here, as of now.... lets wait and see...

Those who attended today's meeting are as follows.... Nikhil, Raja, Basil and Pappu from 'K.OS'... Praveen from 'Stoneage'[hehee...myself]....Alex,Arjun,Anand and Vivek from 'Soulburn'...Clifford,Rajiv,Sujay,Henry, Sriram and Rohit from 'Black Pool'...Vivian and Rahul from 'Rocksault'.....and atlast, the great Nithin bhai and Arun MegaDutt....

so...lemme add thtt cliched sentence heree....well begun is half done...he heee

with love,
Your Crusader Praveen

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hell yeah!!>:)....rock on TVM\m/

1:52 AM

Rock on Jabri bro..........urs has been my fav. blog 2 read till date....and it keeps up its standards wid anoda rockin post!!!!........Continue da good work!

2:08 AM

Rock RULZ!!!

1:31 AM

Its a relief to hear that rock is not dead in TVM..(or should i say "a resurrection"?)it was dead in the fag end of 90's and time when i come down to TVM i hope to "headbang" to your music...

Psssst...We had good rock bands in the eighties in TVM...

Good luck guys....keep rocking...

An old-timer

4:42 AM

Best Of Luck Dudes...Keep it Gng...

4:06 PM

good to see an old timer in hereee...
wud like to meet u...

@all others..
thnx thnks 4 ur support

4:45 PM

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