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Hoo Haa India...Who Haa Pepsi...

U wouldn't have missed this war cry like ad song. An ad lined up with stars from bollywood as well as the whole men in blue team. Do we need a US MNC to tell us to love India? And i would've forgiven if it was any other company. Here was an international giant which is famous for depleting India's ground water reserves and then giving us pesticides to drink in return. Do we need such a company to tell us about our motherland? Ok, agreed.. its their own business strategy. Afterll, they are here to sell...

But, wait...Why so many stars in that ad? It saddens me to watch the country's top movie and sports stars competing with each other to show their spirit. Will any of these stars please tell me how much money is enough for them. Doesn't anyone of them have a commitment towards the people of this country, to the soceity which they are also a part of? Or are they living in a cocoon of their own to miss all these controversy surrounding the cola giant. Haven't they seen the anti cola war led by the poor people in Plachimada and elsewhere? Are these celebrities really so insensitive to the feelings of the common man, who made them what they are today...and am really sad to say that the list of celebrities endorsing pepsi and coke includes my own idols Sachin, Aamir, Amitabh, SRK....hmmm....I feel sorry for them and to the millions of people who worship them, including myself.

Now am really beginning to believe that these celebrities are very much self centered. They don't even spare a thought before they endorse a product. The little kids who worship them will drink these pesticide filled colas just because their heroes said so. Don't these stars realise that they are feeding poison to these little fans of theirs? Am sure thay don't realise as of now...or so i like to believe... because even if they don't love me or you, i do love them...and is really sad about what they are doing.....If any of them is reading this[ha ha if they don't have any other job], plz withdraw from your cola contract for this poor fan.....

Once again to the Cola giants... We, know how to love our country and we have enough slogans here to show our patriotic spirit...we don't need your hoohaa thing, it feels like some jungle song 4 me.....maybe the celebrities will sing for the money...but for us, the common people of India, what matters is pride and self respect...and don't xpect an Indian with those to join what you call your blue billion...I challenge you to try and make it atleast a blue 100...But am still thinking...whose billion is it anyway..... hoo haa...aaya indiaa... jaaaooo pepsiii

whooo haaaaaa
your crusader Praveen

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Hmmm...even I am feeling sad especially when I see Sachin,Dravid and aamir in their aads..And now,even sourav is ter.. It is really sad.. I dont know wht 2 say right now.. I cant think of even a single word to say against these people... Hmmm.....

11:04 AM

Nice post, buddy!!
really sad to see the icons supporting such a product...

I read that Shah ukh has gone on to say that "If pepsi is banned in India, i will go abroad to drink it!"

These ppl do anything for money :-X

5:57 PM

Hmm......finally a blog by u which i dont completely agree with......Well...Lemme ask u dis- Pepsi and Coke which we get here hav been taken 2 labs outside and tested which has proved dat pesticide levels in them rnt above normal levels and tht it aint dangerous atall........I think this whole pesticide thing in India is partly prudery which is common in India and partly dirty games played by competitors-nd wuts da diff. if celebs endorse it or not if it aint HARMFUL at all!-And speekin og long term damage- every freekin thing on earth is lyk dat-too much aint gud..But this is lyk da banning of Da Vinci Code...Itz bein perceived 4m jus 1 point of view datz why....But yeaa- THe AD doz suck!- If they wanted 2 arouse da nation wid muzic- they shud make a song lyk Vande Mataram by ARR.......Odawise evn expectin huge crowds 2 run afta u is idiocy!.....But overall- Anoda good blog.......keep up da gud work!

10:06 PM

well , sorry to be late but just saw your blog , so had to comment.
first, criticising is the easiest job in the world. celebrities endorse products because we consume them brother. i guess 99.99% people will do the same if they were in their position.
other thing, this is business and i have to give pepsi the credit of making a great campaign.
other thing, i dont think people will stop drinking pepsi because of the pesticide row, frankly i think all the issue was just hyped up too much. i will also say that i now consume probably 10% of what i used to not because of pesticides but because of sugar!
again i dont think we should criticise someone just because he makes more money or he is well off.

10:56 PM

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