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Justice!!! last!!!

Recently some of my readers were feeling that the crusader's main job is criticising others. He never says good things about anyone. Only Bad things catches his eyes. And after reading his posts, you get a bad feeling that all's not well with the world we live in. Sorry friends, its because plain hard truth is a bitter pill to swallow. And just because the truth sounds bad, there's no use in hiding it. Only if we speak it out, do we get a chance to try and change that for good.

ok,guys and gals, enough of preaching. Today am gonna praise someone atlast. Yes, u heard it gonna praise the Indian judiciary, which has also bore the brunt of my criticism some months back. Chkout- Supreme Farce Of India

Today, the Delhi High court made a landmark judgement when they convicted Santosh Kumar Singh, accused of raping and killing law student Priyadarshini Mattoo in 1996. Its now worth remembering that the famed Indian judiciary acquitted this same man 7 years ago, even after having clear evidence against him. But the thing that the judiciary tried to correct itself is really heartening. But the main reason for this retrial and conviction is the unprecedented public outcry and the media pressure. U wudn't have forgotten the candle lit vigils and the numerous
petitions that were flying through cyberspace demanding justice for Priyadarshini. Its now becoming clear that culprits can no more hide behind the veil of high connections of their illustrious parents. The convicted man in the priyadarshini case , Santhosh Kumar Singh, is the son of a former IPS officer. Its everybody's knowledge that his acquittal 7 years back can be attributed more to that than anything else. But that was way back in 1999, when DD was still a source of news and 'A Generation was still sleeping'. Now, lets zoom back to 2006. We have close to 50 channels dedicated to news and obsessed with breaking news. Yes, they are ready to even kill an ailing leader when he's still alive[remember our own Kairali TV reporting Yasser Arafat dead 30 minutes before his actual death]. And their another obsession is the hidden camera, which terrorised a lot of our members of Parliament sometime back. But, above all they are fearless and are sure to raise a question when justice is not served. Now, everyone is asking ''DD who?''..Coupled with all these aggressive news channels, there's 'a generation awakened' by the sight of basanti, the colour of revolution. Now the judiciary cannot just shut their eyes and act like nothing has happened. Thats exactly why this verdict has happened. They had no other way, but to relent. Hope this happens with similar cases like Jessica Lal, where the evidences are as clear as the light of the day. If only, the judges had eyes to see beyond the darkness....lets hope this verdict sets a good precedent..All Hail the Indian Judiciary[Never even in my wildest dreams have i thought that I would say this]

I dedicate this post to all those who contributed even in a small way to make a difference in this those who stood candle lit vigils, to those who signed online petitions and above all to the media who fearlessly stood by the side of justice.....

with love,
Your crusader Praveen

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2 comments case over,one lakh cases remain...Hope tht the jessica lal case too would be solved soon!!

10:46 AM

well mr crusader.. im impressed.. good post tis one..

love d way u get a point across..!

*whistles in approval* =)

5:58 PM

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