Posted by Praveen

As my mind opens up
On my way to deep slumber
Oh, my thoughts wander
Where am i going, I wonder
Yes, its a question to ponder.

Am on an aimless journey,
Miles disappear behind me
Faces passing by as in a reel
And suddenly, one seems stuck
Now it all seems so real.

The heart melting smile
And the mind soothing words.
The all healing touch
And the sweet scolding looks.

Walking hand in hand,
with words remaining unsaid
The silence speaking more
than the eloquence
Our minds are asking questions
The answers to which are the same.

As we stand there on the hilltop,
With heart and mind as one,
A thought arises within me.
And I ask myself.
Will it be like this forever?
Will it all be gone,
As I awaken from my slumber?


with lots of love, your crusader Praveen

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