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Crusader Casts Vote

Today is one of the most important days in the life of the crusader. Today, I cast my 1st vote and now am proud to say that am a part of the democratic setup of this country. All these days i been a passive spectator to the whole election process. But today I got the chance to excercise my franchise. And lemme tell u one thing, it was really a one of a kind feeling when i pressed that button.
But, the problem was that making a choice on whom to vote was really tough. And standing outside the booth in the queue, I started reading the list of the candidates from a board kept outside. The big round belly of a policeman standing there was blocking my view and i had to strain my neck to get a view of that board. There were total 8 candidates. The usual suspects representing the 3 big parties in Kerala and rest independents. And the choice of symbols of these independents really made me laugh. Some of them are Banana, bucket, torch. Even a person wanting to cast vote for them would turn back when he sees those absurd choices.
oh, now its my turn to vote. The agent sitting there with the list took my id card and started searching the list. He had some problem with his eyes, the man sitting near him signalled to me. O my god, the photo in that identity card is such that even a person with perfect sight would find it difficult to identify me. Yes, my fears were coming true. The man adjusted his specs and started this excercise of staring at me and the card alternately. And he couldn't find my name and picture in the list. Atlast i had to point out it myself. So that part is over.
Now the next part. Putting the ink on my hand. This was really funny. I held out my right hand, as my left hand was full with my stylish sun glasses, bike key and the id card. He pulled at my left hand and I was puzzled. Then i understood[4 ur info, am a tubelight]. I put all the things in my hand on the table and held out my middle finger. Oh no, wrong again, its the index finger. I had heard that they would put a dot on your finger. But this guy was doing something like a canvas painting on my finger and gave this long line across my nails and on to the skin.God only knows, if this would be gone from my finger by the time of next elections.
The next part is taking the photo. Heard that this a novelty this time around. Anyway, the guy taking photo gave me an uneasy look. He can't be blamed for that. Who else would wear a weird t-shirt and jeans, best suited for a rock show to a polling booth. The linkin park thing really made him think who this mad guy is. Well, he took a snap of this beautiful,glamorous, handsome face[hee heeee]. Now the formalities are all over. Its time to voteeeee.....
I went behind the screen and took a glance at the thing ..only seen on tv and print before. now, i ran through the list of names. And pressed the button...Oh, were u eagerly waiting to know whom I cast my vote for? Sorry, I couldn't reveal that. Its against the law, as told by my dear friend yesterday night, when I asked him whom should I vote for. And if achuthananthan or Oomen Chandy is reading this, sorry sir, no hard feelings ok. I won't tell whom I voted for..he heee
And, now am out of the booth. I walked back to my bike with a proud feeling of having played a part in deciding the future government. Its another story whether the candidate who got my vote would really win the election. Hopefully, the 1st vote from crusader won't go waste....
with love, your crusader Praveen

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I never voted when I was in India because I didn't want to vote for the lesser of the two evils we have in TN. But I just got an email from a friend telling me that 3 IIT dudes were standing for some elections, in certain places in Chennai. Brought to mind Aayutha Ezhuthu. Would have voted for them if I was in Chennai...I have no clue what elections they are. Was mighty impressed. This is the truth ''Koi desh perfect nahin hota...usse behtar bannana padta hai...''

12:52 AM

hope that ur candidate wins:)..nyway nice post

1:50 AM
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1:57 AM

aye, praveen ...
it was the day of my 1st vote too.

hi-five. cheers to the democarcy that india is & the poliTickally conscious citizen you're.

"And the choice of symbols of these independents really made me laugh. Some of them are Banana, bucket, torch. Even a person wanting to cast vote for them would turn back when he sees those absurd choices."

... i'm lafing out here. :D

doubt: you din't vote last yr or the yr before that?

1:59 AM

Some IIT and IIM guys formed a political party named paritrana recently. And i think this is a big step in Indian politics. More on them in one of my future posts...
And yeah..we gotta try to make our beloved country perfect...

11:03 AM

@ akhil
hi five...
last yr, i din't have my name in the voter's list because i din't hav my voters card then...Got it just 10 days time to vote for this....

11:05 AM

nice post.
more abt paritran here

6:35 PM

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11:19 PM

Good post dude...
My 3rd vote and the booth guy painted my finger black(or is it blue?)
My first two votes were wasted :P
I hope this doesnt!

10:54 PM

hi..good post!ur sense of humour is really appreciable!

1:03 AM

Great discription of your big day man.I didn't know it was illegal to disclose your vote! really?

10:10 PM

have you heard that :
plagiarism is the best form of flattery.

so, pl feel good. and write intersting blogs.

10:56 AM

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