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Rallies...bane of Trivandrum

Of late, rallies taken out by various organisations have become a bane for the city residents. These rallies throw the traffic out of gear for many hours, sometimes even for the full day. The vehicles are diverted through already congested roads & people are left stranded in the roads for many hours. And to top it all, the people who take out the rally, also try to control traffic. Traffic police are mute spectators to their high-handedness.

A good solution for this problem is to conduct the rally out of the city limits. There should be a permanent venue for the meetings to take place, preferably in any of the village areas just outside the city limits. The govt. should issue an order to limit the rallies up to this particular place. Stringent action should be taken against those who conduct rally inside the city. The leaders of these organisations should be punished. This would serve as a deterrent for the rally organizers and will in turn decrease the number of rallies.

Your crusader, Praveen

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