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Kerala the corruption free state!!!!!!!!!
A few days back, a survey report by an organisation called 'Transparency International' said that Kerala is the least corrupt state in India. These findings were publicised widely in the media.
But my own experiences makes me disagree with these findings. As many of u know, its almost impossible to get anything done from the Government offices without emptying your wallet. I am perplexed thinking about which all departments were included in the survey.
Take for example the procedure for getting your driving license. Its impossible to get license if you go on your own, without the help of a driving school. The officers would somehow find a reason to deny you, even if you do everything right. But if you go through a driving school, you will be given more than one chances to show the correct signals.There is a fixed amount for passing each student from a particular school. This is collected by the officer's agents sitting inside a car just near the test venue. The officers collect this money later from these agents.
The scenario is same in high offices also. Only difference is, it is on a large the tune of crores.
And this is the state which is the least corrupt one in the country? Imagine the plight of all the more corrupt states..if this is the least corrupt state!!!!!
Plz comment on your experiences of corruption in Govt. offices or do u disagree with my opinion?
Your crusader,Praveen

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