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A Novel way to protest
Last week, there was an interesting sight in front of the secretariat. A group of men were cleaning the walls of the secretariat & repainting it. Don't think they are professional painters. They were the members of the computer dealers association of kerala protesting against the Kerala government's decision to import used computers from abroad. & what a novel way to protest???
The aim of conducting protest marches is to attract public attention. But most of the marches, which get public attention by creating road blocks, fail to bring to notice the issues because of the sheer number of these marches. What these marches & violent protests failed to get, was achieved by a group of young men, with a creative & constructive mind.
The student organisations & political parties should take a leaf out these guys' book if they want to get noticed & also to get public support. Resorting to violence is not going to get them any public support. & if they do something like this then Kerala could also become one of the most beautiful lands on earth without any strikes, violence & above all a clean & green state.

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