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And so, after few years of running around with the camera and freelancing stints for few online magazine, I get few of my shots printed in a magazine, which actually has a print edition :D. It feels good to see your clicks in a publication, especially when its for the first time. It all happened thanks to the fireflies all night concert that I attended(and clicked) some weeks back. The guys at the score music magazine saw some of the pics which I uploaded in my facebook photography page( -yeah, cheap marketing:P) and contacted me asking for the pics. The only condition being I should send unpublished pics. Thankfully, I hadn't uploaded my whole collection and was able to supply them with enough pics. And last week, they mailed me the magazine with the pics adorning 2 pages. You can also read the magazine online at They got a really good interface where you can flip the pages and read in fullscreen. BTW, Skip to page 40 :D
screenshot of the page(yea, all shots r mine :P )

The magazine

Here are some of the published and unpublished shots from fireflies music festival. The fireflies fest was an all night affair starting at 7 PM on a saturday evening and going on till 8 AM on sunday morning. The stage was set under a banyan tree inside the fireflies ashram, a peaceful place about 40 kms from Bangalore city. 5000 people sat jampacked in the amphitheatre while a few hundred more lounged around in bedsheets in the outside lawn. Fireflies is an annual affair and it truely is India's version of the legendary woodstock festival. This year, we had a whole array of bands and artists spanning various genres. It was where I discovered the band yodhaka which fuses sanskrit lyrics,carnatic slide guitar,acoustic guitars and some great percussion. Swarathma were there with their brand of folk rock. Moonarra added flavour with visual representation of their music in the form of 3 brilliant dancers. The highlight of the night was when Thermal and a quarter sang a cover of the beatles' classic 'Hey jude'. The whole crowd sang along the end chorus at 3 O clock in the morning. A truely goosebump moment that was! Other notable performances of the night were something relevant, spinifex, bicycle days etc.

Here are some published and unpublished pics from that great night


Something relevant

Thermal And A Quarter(TAAQ)


Bicycle Days


your crusader Praveen

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woww...congrats man

11:48 PM

wow man...You've come a long way man! Kidu! :)

Please check that highonscore link; its not working from your post. [I got to it but just letting you know... :) ]

7:14 AM

Wait a min, did they perform the entire night? :S and people were there listening to them.
Thats a diff part of India I should know about. :(
btw, congrats man! Keep clicking.
*tichak* *tichak*

9:27 AM

Awesome stuff dude....congrats :-)

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10:33 PM

Wow! Now, I know a celebrity! :-)

7:47 AM

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