Idukki in Rain-I  

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The easter weekend was a good excuse for a getaway to Idukki with college friends. The hill range district is the home of Kerala's major hydroelectric power stations. Narrow roads winding up through lush green tea estates are the hallmark of this place. And, the slight drizzle and the occasional heavy downpour all through the two days made the place look even more beautiful.

At Parunthumpara(eagle rock), we were given a crash course on the formation of rain clouds and the onset of rain. As we stood there on the top of parunthumpara, we could see clouds black forming on top of a hill far away. Before long, we could see the white sprays of rain falling on the hills. Later, we saw the rain spreading towards parunthumpara...and then, it was time to RUN!
view from parunthumpara. check the rain fall in the V-part of the hills.

the downpour

dark clouds and heavy rains(extreme left)

As we drove down further, we saw a mammoth tea estate. I got down to click as they went further with the car to explore. And, then I felt heavy droplets falling on top of me. I could see the car at the other side of the estate. All I could do was jump up and show gestures for them to come back. Then I saw an old man running up the hill through the plantations, with an umbrella. He happily provided me shade until the guys got back. He happened to be a worker at the planatations. Sometimes strangers help you in the most unexpected of ways...As I talked to him and then thanked him, I forgot the most important part, clicking him!
the tea estate where I met the old man

the long and winding roads...

Some more scenes from near the idukki dam. A fun fact about the idukki dam is that it opens to the public only during onam and christmas. At first I thought, the resort guy was joking when he told this. We learned it the hard way by driving all the way to the dam :P

somewhere on the roadside...

shot at 2PM in the afternoon :D

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somewhere on the roadside... - loved this one :)
as always lovely pics praveen.

8:53 PM

amazing place :D
it is definitely now on my list of places to visit :) :)

9:29 PM

Oh its beautiful... i hav been to some of these places whn i went 2 thekkady, amazing scenary... n u clicked sme nice shots.. hope u been 2 grampi too...

12:00 AM

thanks man :D

@simply me
yea! must visit.

@devil incarnate
ivent been to grampi:D i mean, never heard of it!

12:15 AM

Those are some glorious pics you got there!!
Never travelled to Idukki yet...but you are just inspiring me to :-)

10:55 AM

Stunning shots man! :)

6:02 PM

Its time u travlled! :D

thanks man :D

2:11 AM

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