Lacuna Coil:Live in Bangalore  

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This post comes a bit late than intended...
First things first...One set of clicks of mine from the octoberfest was featured in last month. All thanks to dear buddy Nishal Lama for that. Here's the link to that photofeature of the Karsha Kale-Midival Punditz performance. A real happy moment in my photography career.

Now to the post...
Lacuna coil, the gothic metal band from Italy performed in Bangalore as part of the Great Indian octoberfest 2 weeks back. As expected, front woman Cristina scabbia stole the show with her soaring vocals. And of course her looks. I wonder if this band would've ever existed without this superwoman, who was voted first in that famous list of top 10 metal chicks.

your crusader Praveen

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Rock on!

7:46 AM

Guess u had a blast there.. and ys the pic says it al..

4:54 PM

if you like this shit, you must visit my brother playing for Bhayank Maut....

10:15 PM

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