Shanghumukhom Kadalpaalam  

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the kadalpaalam..

The kadalpaalam[seabridge] near the Shanghumukhom beach is one of the unmissable places on any trip to Trivandrum.It was the same this time too. Built many years back, this worn down bridge extends for some distance into the sea. Its the place to go if you want to get the feeling of being in the sea. Only this time, the bridge was the site of some violent action. The arrival of the monsoon had stirred up the sea.Waves with heights rivaling those of high rise buildings were pounding on the bridge with all its might. The age was beginning to show on the bridge.The steps on one side, where we used to sit during college days were almost fully gone. The waves were rising even above where once the steps were. When one of those mighty waves crashed, the impact could be easily felt on the birdge, a loud thud and then the slight jerk. Signs of danger. Yet, the beauty of the dark clouds and the raging sea and the worn down bridge drew large crowds. With no thoughts about safety, people were seen relaxing at the edges. When the occasional wave rose above their head, they coolly shifted position and continued the conversation. One old man came walking slowly from far away, came to the edge and gazed at the waves. The next minute he was drenched by a mammoth wave. He turned around as if nothing happened and walked back. Seems like he came here on purpose. The sky was blue on one side and totally dark on the other. A mist like cover made sure that the coast line was visible for only a few metres. Some shots from that incredible evening...when the waves just owned the bridge...

And now to a series of pics showing the attack of a wave on the small building at the edge of the bridge...

the calm before the....

the arrival

the survey..

the breach...

the intrusion..

the attack.

the victory...

the celebration..

the unchallenged..

the retreat...

your crusader Praveen

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mindblowing dude!!! love the way u captured it! :-)

11:12 PM

Praveen man! You're an ace...! Interesting to look at those pics and see the series of frames one after the other. Fabulous! :-)

12:55 AM

Good ones :)

10:09 AM

Wow! Wonderful pictures and all of them so very well titled! Awesome!

10:16 AM

Jaw droppingly mind blowingly marvellously amazingly awesomely taken!

The captions too!!

Take a bow, young genius!!!

3:31 PM

the tides are so powerful and high! nice set!

4:57 PM

And there is also constant strong breeze at that spot. Nice personification of the wave attack........But now they say it's not that safe to go near the edges......but still as you said people are seen flocking to this place in the evenings.

4:53 PM

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