The Moral High Ground  

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Everyone is on a moral high ground these days. Everyone except one Mr.Shashi Tharoor. No, this is not an excercise in justifying Tharoor. This is just a wonder filled gaze at the media and political circus going on for the past one week. And one image just flashes across my mind all the time. A purely imaginary image of a slightly corrupted Alibaba standing at the centre of a circular enclosure and 40(or more) thieves pointing their fingers at the man. They are shouting, they are accusing him of something which they themselves are not clear about. But they dont forget to point their fingers at him every other second. In between they take breaks to congratulate each other, laugh among themselves and celebrate the victory. Sometime later the camera zooms out. It was all happening on TV. Now the anchors continue the blabber and finger pointing. The direction of pointing is unmistakable. They seem to have missed the 40(or more) thieves standing around the enclosure. They point only at Ali Baba. The same cycle of accusations goes on. Zoom out. There sits one of those gentlemen who still believes that newsreaders cant lie. He also points his finger at the man and rejoices at the fact that Indian politics is cleansed.

Now the image changes. Alibaba and the enclosure fades out into the background. The 40(or more) thieves turn towards the camera. They look down from the high pedestal that they have perched upon. The finger pointing excercise begins. This time they are pointing at the naive gentleman, at you, at me. They slam their heads on the ground and laugh at the fools below them. Its the story of the moral high ground now overcrowded with people possessing anything but morality. Agreed, it was not a clean deal, what Tharoor had with regard to the kochi team. But was it so big a mistake so as to warrant the given punishment? What about the scam kings still in the cabinet? A.Raja, minister of communications and IT is the king of them all with a cool Rs.40,000 crore pocketed as part of the 2G spectrum auction sometime back. There was a CBI case against him and there were clear cut proofs. Higher officials of the BSNL came out in the open against him. All of them were transferred and Raja was left untouched. All because he's part of DMK, an ally the UPA can't live without. And with the 3G spectrum auction happening recently, we will have to get new 20 digit calculators to fully display the amounts that this guy and his cronies must've siphoned off.

Then there's Sharad Pawar of the NCP, another coalition partner of the UPA. With the food inflation almost strangling the lower class and part of the middle class, there was a strong case for his removal from the position of agriculture minister. But not even a whimper was heard. It was common knowledge that his ministry's policies were partly to blame for this disaster. And even if you leave that alone, what about all the dealings in the dark by the BCCI headed by this mighty man? No answers expected. There are guys like M.K.Alagiri(Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers), who is in that seat only because his dad found the task of managing him and his brother a hard one. So, the solution was to stop the barking of the elder by giving him a cabinet rank in the central govt. He barely ever attends the parliament, leave alone opening his mouth. He has more enterprising things to do like goondagiri in his hometown. More and more of this ilk are still sitting and laughing at you, me and Alibaba. Not to forget hypocrites like shobha de who dismisses the common man's support for tharoor with a wave of her finger. She finds fault with Tharoor's comments on business women being targeted in India and brands it sexist. So, madam de forgets that she lives and thrives on such sexist remarks she makes on tv and newspapers day in and day out. The hypocrisy of a self proclaimed feminist was on full view yesterday.

And so we are back to square one. The external affairs ministry can now function freely without the headache of a twitter account, the slogan of which was openness. Openness is a disease they say. Secrecy helps in the proper working of the democratic machinery. Afterall, its not anyone's business to know what the khadar and khadarless brigade does in their offices. Vote, close your mouth and watch tv for the next 5 years. Stay away from twitter and to hell with openness. Maybe, if Tharoor was part of one of those allies he might be still tweeting from his MEA office. Anyway, even without him, the moral high ground is certainly over crowded.


Shashi Tharoor's speech today in Parliament. A must watch-

your crusader Praveen

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I reckon that in a while, there'd be no more moral ground left!

10:07 PM

I agree :-|
Tharoor was not fit for INdian politics... u need to be a swine to fit right in :P

10:54 PM

Ashwathy - on a very serious note, please do not insult swines :)

11:24 AM

While all this have left a very very bad taste in the mouth I can't help laughing at the mega-crooks like Lalu Yadav and Mulayam voicing their concern over this. May be they are pissed off as they didn't get their shares right from the IPL. What shameless people man!!

ShobhaDe things that whenever she has an orgasm she wants to let the nation know that she had one. She has been exhibiting multiple ones now, her Twitterfeed is nauseating to say the least. What verbal orgasm, sadly only for her. Irritating is the word I'd use. :X

But Praveen, our MP has been taught some hard lessons and hope he'll learn from all this. He must jump into the dirty-pit man, to say afloat in this muddle called the Indian politics.

2:02 PM

already its gone

rakesh said it!!! :D

yes, and watching his speech I was sure that he'll bounce back...he has the intent to do good for the nation.

9:13 PM

LOL! :D I stand corrected!

8:14 AM

A question I have been asking myself... Is India turning into a narchic failed state?

I was watching a TV news when I saw all the parliamentarians remembering some dead leader. Strangeli I had never heard of him before. Then came the beautiful part... He was the father of our Speaker. Even the dead man will be the great leader until she remains the speaker... what a joke.

And @all above singing praise to our dear leader...Please mention any one achievement of his... yea Kochi IPL team... and he was prevented from carrying out development by The communist government right? woww...

No better example for sycophancy because that is the way everyone does it...right?

No worries you guys are going to see me post on the dear leader(not Kim-Jong-Il) soon

9:39 AM

Shoba De's books have never been better than the standard of Yellow magazines I used to get for 20Rs

9:40 AM

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