The last song  

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a tragic love story...
***************The last song************
You came, out of nowhere
taking me by surprise
I wondered silently,
where u been hiding ,all this while?

I was in a heavenly bliss
as it grew between us.
You slowly started to invade,
my thoughts and my secret dreams.

I fell for you, and you for me
knowing full well, its not gonna end well.
I waited for each day to rise,
to hear your call of 'my sunshine'.

those few days, time came to a halt
as we lived this lovely dream.
moments to cherish, moments to laugh
life never seemed so good.

we were like two perfect notes,
so in harmony
And creating a wonderful symphony
Never was there an odd note.

the mountain air ran with us,
the waves danced with us,
the starfishes smiled with us,
we seemed to be God's chosen ones.

Then it came as an unseen tornado
we were left wondering what hit us.
our sand castles came crashing down,
shattered, we cried, together..

Got our dreams crushed
under the wheels of fate.
we used to complete each other,
But now our lives remain, incomplete.

Shed not tears, beloved.
we have those memories
Of those moments together
to relive and to see us through.

One of those days, down many years
we may meet, at some crossroad.
I wish, we manage to smile
And drop a silent tear.

You loved my words,
but now those very words desert me
when I need those for my best song,
a last song for you..

with love...
your crusader Praveen

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12:24 AM

Good one! Rising smell of real life inspiration! Or is it pure imagination? :P

12:39 AM

Intense, emotional and attempting to reconcile, pretty much how life has to be handled, given its surprises. Been away from your space as a result of some travelling. Wishing you and folks a merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

11:43 AM

Very very beautiful... full of feelings and emotions... but with a sad note..

:( y things hav 2 b soo bad...

Hey merry Christmas dear.. :)

12:46 PM

slightly too mushed up for my taste, but a brilliant song, especially if it is actually meant for someone...then in that case, the mush is all worth it.

10:56 PM


i leave it to the imagination of the reader:)
u can interpret it in anyway u want.
it may be can be imaginary..:)

nice 2 c u back man..
happy christmas and new year :)

@devil incarnate
sometimes...things r bad...lets hope for the best...
happy christmas to u too :)

think its worth

11:25 PM

wow...i'm speechless!
how do u write like this?

12:18 AM

wow! nice lyrics.. will u compose and sing it?

9:09 PM

wrote from the heart :)

I dont sing...but have to think abt composing, though am bad at tht too..

12:46 AM

Nicely crafted... keep it rolling

7:39 AM

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