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Njaan Aara-The quest for identity

The rain Gods seems to be rocking to Avial's rain song 'Karukara'. The heavy rain that lashed Bangalore as a sort of welcome to Avial on Friday does tell us that. The song has impressed the Gods so much that the rain continued well into the night thus delaying the concert til 10 PM. The atmosphere in PESSE college was electric with the students dancing and head banging in the rain during the rock competition that preceeded the Avial concert. Then some big sound glitches and half of my friends left. At last, it started much to the pleasure of a patient crowd waiting there. All the hits from the first album were belted out with 'aadu paambe' and 'Nada Nada' receiving real crazy response from the crowd. The scream for encore was so loud that the band were soon back on stage to belt out the snake song once again. And yeah, it was the first rock concert for my 3 roomies. They were threatening to beat me up when the concert was on the verge of being cancelled. But much to my relief, it happened. And, they did like the first taste of a live concert. Hope I will have more company in the future.
Rex on song!
Mithun-high on concentration

Avial was back again to rock Bangalore on Saturday. This time it happened at the Le Rock pub in Brigade road. The relatively small pub was jam packed with not even enough space for a breath. The overflowing beverages made sure that everyone's spirits were 'high' even before the concert started. The band's podium was so small that the cramping up was evident during the show. Still, the show didn't suffer a bit. Tony's Malayalam dialogues had the whole house screaming. It was funny when he replied with a 'we don't have' for screams of 'we want more'. Mithun's precise drumming and Rex's funky guitar work complimented each other well even in those short jams that they did between songs. I enjoyed this show more as I concentrated more on the music than the photography. Yes, a sore neck is an obvious casualty. Well, the news is that they are currently working on their next album and it will be out next year.
at Le Rock

Tonykuttan rocks :P Crowd on a 'high' at Le Rock

PS- I did miss the new Avial song 'Chi me sape'(a collaborative effort with French band A67) in the concert.

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Wow! This is news to me.....didn't know such a band existed!!! Wonderful capture Praveen! Thanks for sharing! I'm sure you guys had a great time!

I was in Bangalore last week for a few hours though, the weather was good! I stopped by to meet some friends and we made merry, the outcome of which was a missed flight :(

10:36 AM

Ok, lemme be honest here. Ur title made me wonder if you had the *Avial* dish at Bangalore. :D

Whatte name for a rock band. Didn't for a moment assume that you meant something totally different. Or, did they name the band after the dish? :P

Neat pics dude; thanks for sharing. Someone's having a *rocking* time!


1:25 PM

avial were the judges of techabreak singing competition 09...
had fun singing with them...


1:41 PM

ROFL at Kartz's comment on avial.. the foodie :):)

okay, avial is gud lukin..gud rocking.. and its not because of the concert that bangy was wet, but because an angel from Bhilai landed there for two weeks :):)
cheers mate :)

10:20 PM

U never heard this band? Checkout youtube man! chk their music video 'nada nada'..you'll be hooked..\and we cud've met when u came down here :).Next time do inform me

yes, they did name the band after the dish..Avial is supposed to be a dish that contains a perfect mix of all vegetables..so this band's music is a perfect mix of rock music and malayalam folk lyrics..just listen to them on youtube...!!Dont miss it..

happy to see another avial fan here

hahhahaa...whats this angel's name?:P hope its not preeti...But u shud really chkout their music...

12:30 AM

This is one of my favourite band..something different:)

12:44 AM

fu*k - so near and I missed it - never knew they came to blr for performance... i can give one arm adn leg to listen to these guys live - praveen, next time, can you please do let me know? man.. this is terrible - i WAS @ commecrial all saturday eve and it is just a stones throw from LeRock... too bad :|

and new album next year? i am buying it :)

10:37 AM

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