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Welcome Dell...Adios to dear desktop
And atlast it happened. Am blogging from my own brand new laptop. After bidding goodbye to my desktop back home in Trivandrum, I been surviving on the lousy systems available at cyber cafes and the blocked up systems that my company provides. For the last many months, I been facing that dreadful message "Our policy doesn't allow you access to this particular website". And this list of particular websites include all the email sites, our own blogger, some well-known proxy sites and all other sites which they find unsuitable for us. But, being jobless @ office or for that matter, having light work has its own advantages. Armed with the slogan "Company blocks, I unblock", I went on discovering new ways of accessing my favourite sites. I found out new proxies everyday and they kept on blocking it somehow the very next day. This hunt for proxies has gone on for too long that now am using a proxy that I got from the 27th page of google search for "gmail proxies". And this proxy has the record for the proxy which survived the most without being detected by the prying eyes of the policy makers. Also, surfing from office is a hard task if you are a person who cares what others think about you[thankfully, am not one of those]. Anyway, its goodbye to all those days.

Now, am safely surfing the net and writing blogs from home, safe from the prying eyes of my workmates. The only problem are the room mates who are hatching plans to investigate about my online escapades. Hope they will fall flat in that attempt. Coming to my laptop, its a DELL Inspiron 1525 system with Intel core 2 duo processor, 2GB RAM, 160 GB HDD and a 15" monitor. I got BSNL's new EVDO net connection after a long wait of one week. Now its blog @ home again after a long time. By the way, just thought about my PC which is now lying unused in my room like an old man awaiting imminent death. Its been my constant companion from my 10th class till the completion of my engineering. Apart from me, its the only other person(yeah, I consider it as a human made up of flesh,blood,bones and some shit) to have known all my secrets(not that I have many:P). Now, its old enough to be declared as a 'computing museum'. So with a big bow to that computer which has seen many historical events that I went through, I start blogging from my new laptop.
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