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This post is inspired by Dickson Abraham's post on Paraskavedekatriaphobia. If you are wondering, what the hell that is, its the fear of 'Friday the 13th'. Anyway, according to him, my fear can be classified as triskaidekaphobia, just the fear of the number 13. Am not a person who believes in such silly stuff. But there's a solid reason behind this particular fear. This happened when I was in 8th standard. My roll number for that year was 13. Usually my roll number for all years been numbers over 30, as my name starts with P. But mysteriously this year, I was 13th on the roll. But I din't give it much of a thought as 13 was just like any other number for me, back then. Things began changing when the exams and marks started coming. I was a bit studious till 7th standard and used to be in top 5 of the class till then. Suddenly, this year I found myself failing in exams and especially maths. I din't pass for maths that whole year. In the final exam, because of the teacher's kindness, I somehow got through. Anyway, after that year I was relegated[in my opinion, promoted] from ICSE to the state syllabus. All this maybe due to some other causes but even today whenever I see the number 13, it causes butterflies to flutter in my belly.

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where is the blog on ur new laptop 'n' hi-fi security system???? i'm waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8:29 PM

13 gives me jeepers! Guess whats my university roll number! 13!!

10:33 PM

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