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Crusader turns 2

Oops...this is so bad. I forgot my own blog's birthday. I started blogging on July 5th, 2005. And so this blog turned 2 about 18 days back. Like the 1st year, this year too was eventful with me getting a fair share of both accolades and brickbats. And coupled with that, with the increase in number of posts with titles such as 'X sucks' or 'I hate Y', my mailbox was always full with abuses and even threats to wipe me away from the face of the earth. But donnow why, most of these people chose to remain anonymous, maybe to avoid a direct confrontation with this heavyweight writer. The 2nd year started for crusader with a shocking occuring, the India govt banning blogs. Though it was back to normal within 2 days, I dint lose a minute in abusing the government. Then, for my post on the Lebanon crisis killing innocent children, I got some touching comments which were an inspiration for me to write more. This was an year in which the great Michael Schumacher bid goodbye to F1 and also the music world lost the great Ustad Bismillah Khan. Also, the evil Saddam was hung by the satan Bush. How can I forget 2 of the biggest days in my life- my meeting with A.R.Rahman and then watching the kings of heavy metal Iron Maiden live in Banglore.

But, the posts which got me the biggest response were the so called 'hate posts'. First in the list is the one against the founder of Sahaja Yoga, Mataji Nirmala Devi. The most funniest feedback i got is as follows

''i am sure from this time onwards life for you will not be great..all shaktis around you will disappear and the day will come soon when you will have to pray to the invisible GOD to forgive you for what you said in this article and till this time believe me your life will be miserable then you would have imagined..but we still forgive you from heart as "you do not know what you have said" and may the divine adishakti still bless you and forgive you..''

I was laughing my heads off for 2 days reading this post cursing me for a bad life. At the same time, I was sad at the fact that there are such naive people among Indians who blindly believe such fake divinity.

The 2nd hate post was for 'Dhwani', the cultural fest of college of engg, Trivandrum criticising the bad way in which the event was conducted and the arrogant attitude of the organisers. This was a post in which the supporters are detractors were in equal numbers but I did get a lot of filthy comments. I am also to blame for this because of the really abusive language that I used. And after 'the whore post' on Nirmala Devi, many of my good friends advised me never to use foul language because that reduced the authenticity of the post. Most of the time, my abusive words deflected the discussion away from the core issue. So, from then on I vowed never to use foul language in my blog. Although, one word did surface towards the end of the article criticising the saffron army for its tirade against arts and artists. This was also an article which caused much furore and gave me a truckload of abusive mails.

The rest of the time my blog was filled up with some movie reviews, videos, poems and stuff..So that was the 2nd year for my blog. I express sincere gratitude to all those people inspired me with their continued support. I also thank all those people who took time to comment on various articles[special thanks to the abusive mails]. Now, as a birthday gift to my blog, am changing its outdated description a little.

Your crusader Praveen

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