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So, it was evening and I got out of home for my regular[once in an year] jogging at the museum grounds. As usual, got on my bike, plugged the earphones for my evening dose of heavy metal and sped on. The traffic police headquarters is a stone's throw away from my home. As I was riding on, I saw someone coming out of the gates of the headquarters. I sensed that he's gonna stop my vehicle. But I was not feeling anything wrong as my records are up to date after my harrowing experience with a very decent policeman some months back. As expected, the traffic police stopped me and asked to get the vehicle inside the office compounds. Thats when it struck me..The long arm of the law has finally caught up with me. I been breaking the helmet rule ever since it was implemented, except for the first day. Now, here am, caught in the act.

I was led to one of the rooms in the office. Another guy was also caught at the same time and we both reached the office. There were 2 trafic inspectors sitting there ready with a receipt for 100 bucks, the fine you have to pay for breaking the helmet rule. There is a funny side to this law. Some days back, one of my friends was caught for breaking this rule, but he had his helmet hooked on to his bike when he was caught. And he was fined 150 bucks, the extra 50 for carrying the helmet and not wearing it. Now, back to the story. The policemen smiled seeing my really scary Iron maiden t- shirt. He started writing the receipt. I started my usual helpless act with those long winding sentences containing a 100 'sir' calls. He said he was helpless since the government has asked for follow up on their 'helmet catch'. So they actually started this exercise yesterday to fill up the numbers[and the coffers].

I held on talking about the disadvantages of helmet mainly about my hair falling rate and all. Seeing my long hair, he said ''You have more than enough hair now. Who cares if some falls from it''. But, I do care..hmmm.. The I said this is unfair, this act of bringing hardships to people and forcibly collecting money. Now, he was getting angry. ''Boy, I been decent with you all along. Now dont make me do the usual stuff''. I got the message and my hands reached my pockets and pulled out a 100rs note. Still my itchy tongue won't keep quiet. I said ''Whoever is getting this money won't get any advantage from this as this is not given with my full wish''. He got fed up, ''Give the money and stop your big talk. If you got anything to say get a flag morrow morning and go to high court to register your protest''. I gave the money and told the truth that I was actually going to the museum and then asked whether they'll stop me again today. He said the receipt will help me for the day. ''Ok sir, now I gotta ride all over the city''. As I walked back, many more were being brought in for breaking the 'Hell-met' rule.

Now, morrow if you see a person with a helmet on his head, running along the museum grounds don't be surprised.. That would be surely me....

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your crusader Praveen

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hmm .... i would have been more than happy if they had fined u for overspeed instead .... :P

1:52 AM

next time dont stop

12:02 PM

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