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TajMahal, celebrities and some votes

Many of us are really proud to say that we dont vote in the general elections in our country. They are right to some extent given that its more of taking a choice between the devil and the deep sea. So, for all of us who hate to vote and all of us who love to vote[includes me], here's a chance atlast, a poll which is worth the time you spent voting. Yes, its the most talked about poll and least cared about poll[going by the number of votes the Indian candidate got] right now in India. Its the poll to choose the new seven wonders and yes, our very own Taj Mahal is competing. But the sad part is that the great monument of love is now in the 10th position and if it is to make it to the final list, it should reach atleast 6th position. This is because the pyramids of Giza is already in the final list as it is one of the ancient 7 wonders.

A.R.Rahman's Taj Anthem video

Its great to see that a wonderful personality is promoting the cause of Taj Mahal. As always, A.R.Rahman is singing for a cause. Its sad that no other celebrity talks about it. We are a nation having as many celebrities as there are poor people. Cricketers, filmstars, artists, musicians, writers...celebrities are there in every field and we do see them regularly in cola ads, fashion ramps and even if u miss both, they are there in page 3. Sorry, these days i feel like page 3 has shifted to page 1, going by the coverage celebrity news gets on the mainstream media. Abhi- Ash wedding is the next best thing that happened in India after Independence in 1947. History repeats every 60 years if the media is to be believed. Year 2007..Ash weds Abhi..enough fodder for media to blabber all through the year. Engagement, baaraat, party at the house, marriage, reception, honeymoon...everything is on tv. hope in the coming months, there will be an adult movie in the news channels featuring Ash and abhi live in action. Then, after one year its 'cradle of filth' time as abhi/ash junior arrives on tv. 3 years later, daddy daycare featuring Rajdeep sardesai.But, now its time for another discussion. Will this marriage last that long considering
Ash's habit of changing partners with every changing season...let them debate to hell....

Lets listen to Rahman singing ''ek mohabbat''. He sings the anthem with so much passion. The words, co-written by him reflects religious harmony and the power of love. This is his bit of promoting the cause. If such a busy person as Rahman can spent so much time writing, composing and acting in a song for TajMahal, why can't the normal Indian spent 5 minutes voting for the Taj. Afterall, its India's greatest architectural wonder. Its worthwhile voting for these pieces of white marble stones than wasting your vote on living dreadful creatures who eat into our country's coffers. But sadly only 4 percent of us have voted for it now. And now its in 10th place. It should reach up atleast till 6th place to secure a place in the final list. Please vote for it...Lets make our country proud...

And an important thing, DON'T VOTE for
1) Acropolis 2) Chichen Itza 3) Colosseum 4) Eiffel Tower
5) Great Wall 6) Machu Picchu 7) Petra 8) Statues of Easter Island
and 9) Statue of Christ Redeemer

as these are currently ahead of the Taj Mahal. As u have to select 7 to vote, just select the other choices in the list.

I've already voted 3 times using 3 different mail IDs. So u also do that if u got more than one ID.


with love,
your crusader Praveen

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Already done....Voted with 3 mail ID's...and also 2 votes by SMS also...;)... U can vote by SMS...It costs only Rs. 3.

11:38 AM

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