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Hello people,

Checkout our band stoneage performing live at Taj green cove, Kovalam. The event is kingfisher kerala rocks fest. Two of our original songs are shown in this video. The 1st one is called ''the mob''. Its against the pointless destruction caused by aimless mobs everywhere. The 2nd song is ''the return''. Its the story of a man who goes to prison for a crime he never committed. After 20 years he gets out from jail..but the soceity doesn't accept him...he begins to miss the jail and his friends there as he had become so used to the life there....he goes insane...and he commits a real crime and returns back to jail...

The lyrics are posted below

The Mob Song

Like a herd of unchained mad dogs
They storm the cities
With hearts so young and limbs so old

They roam the streets.

Destruction is the motto,
Revolution is the warcry,
''Revenge'', they cry out,
But where's the man at the hench?

Aimless to the core,

But no less is the roar,

Spilling blood on the road,

Still crying for more.

Leaving behind a trail of destruction,

Walking back with pride, on their contribution,

Little realising, its their own damnation.

I wonder, will there be a retribution?


The Return

Behind the bars, I repent,

For what I never did.

These walls been my home and shelter,

These outlaws been my kin.

Behind the bars, I wait,

for the day has arrived

for me to bid goodbye,

to my abode of 20 years.

Walking the streets, it feels so new,

But the faces which smile at me are so few,
Is it just that am one not to be known,
'cause am the sign of a life went wrong.

I don't belong here, my heart says,

Now the bars beckon me,

For a crime I did,

I smile as the bars close behind me, one last time

The band members are as follows-
Vocals- Santhosh aka Mojojojo
Drums- Govind aka wolfrider
Lead guitar- Sreemon aka sreemon
Bass Guitar- Mahadevan aka Nimrod
Rhythm Guitar- Praveen aka ME...

SO, thats $+oή€@g€ 4 u....
Hope u enjoyed the show...

with love,
your crusader Praveen

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Lyrics are pretty cool man...I saw the video earlier, but couldn't make out much from it...pretty impressive! :-)

9:48 AM

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