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Graph of our life...

Exams are coming up this monday.... So, its the right time to post something related to academics...This post is based on a photo that we took during one of the hours we bunked our class[this time, the labs..he hee]. This semester, we bunked more hours than we sat in the class[well, history repeats itself every sem]. But we never bunked labs. And this day, in the morning, we went to CAD lab as usual. But, our sir asked those without the text book to get out of the lab. He told us to buy a text book or get one from library and come back. The lazy guys that we are, we din't even care to check the library. Buying a new book was out of the question. So, we, the perennial bunkers, decided to go to our classroom for once. This was one of those rarest moments when, as we entered the classroom, we were as happy as sneaking out of the it. Ha.. The site of the empty benches and desks is one to behold. Even more beuutiful was the
empty platform and the lonely lecture stand. Seems like the lecture stand was happy that at atleast for once it was not standing near a jughead. Its better to stand alone than standing with an 'unbearable talkative nonsensical' person. And the front benches and desks had a smile on their face as now they need not bear the arrows of saliva that comes shooting from our faculty's mouth.

So into that abode of peace, we entered. We selected the smoothest benches to take a nap. Then we switched on the walkman and it started playing Metallica's ''Wherever I May Roam''.....''Anywhere I roam, Where I lay my head is home''...So now, the classroom is my home, if metallica is to be believed. As we lay there, we decided to take some snaps so that some years down the line, we can show to our kids how their dads 'studied' in college. After some snaps, we decided to take some weird pics. So 1st selection was my leg. I kept my leg on the 1st bench and sat on the adjacent bench. My friend Raja took the cam from me and focussed it on my feet. When we checked the pic after that ,we were really surprised to some strange coincidence in it. What amazed us was the graph in the background. As it turned out, the graph was a perfect replica of the curvature of my feet. Even the slope was same. It was our own classroom, but as always, this graph was unfamiliar to us. Maybe our sir[or teacher] had drawn it during the last period, the previous day, which we bunked. But, even then the similarity with my feet din't miss our eyes. Was the graph representing our falling attendance percentage? I felt that the Y axis read attendance percentage and the X axis the different semesters, the one close to the origin being the 1st semester. But it maybe ironical that my feet were responsible for this falling graph....Those pair of feet has travelled more distance than others, during classtime. As it always happens with any graph, in the end , i was left confused. Were the graph and my foot similar or were they a perfect contrast? God Only Knows....

O God, just came to know that i've to study this dirty graph for monday's exam[or was it tuesday's?]...Ok, now lemme learn my time table first....
bye for now

My frndz Raja and aneesh ... ''Education''

with love,
your crusader Praveen

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last year alle..iniyeelum classi kerikoode:P

1:24 AM

Hmmm....The Nostalgic thoughts... I can understand... anyways,enjoy life yaar.. Coz Once u finish ur college life,U will NEVER EVER Get it back.. I finish this with one of the SMS which i saw..One of the Best, I should say
"It is true tht U will Laugh at the moments which made you cry,But it is also true that U will cry when you remember the moments which made you laugh.."

10:10 AM

Take more snaps dude...ull cherish it in time...
Me finding hard time to track my 6+ GB pics of college...apparently even that wasnt enough!

10:40 AM

last yr allee...ini inganeyonnum cheyyan we gonna njoy to the maxxxxxxx

don remind me that i got only less than one year to enjoyyyy..... and yeah, me too luv thtt coool sms....

hey,i got loads of snaps hereee...just posted 2 of of them cannot even be displayed publicly[he hee....u know wttt]

7:05 PM

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