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Campus Politics... the root cause of evil in all colleges around the country. The thing that makes close buddies go for each other's blood. The cause for unwanted strikes in the name of unheard of reasons. The unseen thing which supplies non existent power to unworthy students so that they can do whatever they want, including beating up their own guru. And mind you, according to the politicians[both budding and fading],politics in campus is necessary to address the issues concerning the students. Yes, the student politicians do address the burning issues. To elaborate, they would find the address of the guy they want to beat up and do what all they can to spoil his life.
The most recent example of how bad really is politics in campus is the killing of Professor Sabharwal at a college in Ujjain by some ABVP activists. For these budding political leaders, politics is a tool to make others act according to their whims and fancies.. its a tool of extortion for them.. its a tool to assert their supremacy in the campus... but alas, they don't realise that they themselves are tools in the hands of our older uneducated leaders, who are happy to see these kids spill their own friend's blood in the name of politics.

When a new academic year starts, the new batch would have a perfect mix of students, a handful of nerds, a handful of spoilt guys and another set who are out there to enjoy life. The spoilt guys are on the look out to gain a foothold in college and be famous[or infamous]. The easiest route is to join one or the other political party and involve in some fights. And in a few weeks, u'll get the whole college to look at u as u walk through the corridors. Then some of the guys who are there to enjoy would get attracted to this politics life. They get brainwashed by the so called leaders and atlast they too take the plunge. Sudddenly, the guy who sat next to you and shared his meal with you becomes your enemy because he's a member of the rival party. You would exchange angry stares when you come eye to eye. When the next big fight between the parties arises, you beat him up as if he's your enemy no.1. You don't see who he is because your eyes are clouded by the political dust. For the so called intellectual party leader, these
fights are just some ideological conflicts. The bonds of friendship give way to chains of fight.

In my own college too, petty politics has taken its toll on many warm relationships. Parties in our college have always struck discordant notes disrupting the perfect harmony among students. Many happy occasions have ended in big fights, the latest being yesterday's onam celebrations. The faculty members had decided to conduct the onam celebrations and constituted a committee of neutral students. Now some party guys din't like that and they decided to disrupt the celebrations. Their attittude was like ''If we cannot do it, we won't allow others too''. And so the last 2 days saw some great fights in college which atlast culminated in a grand finale on the D Day, the celebration day. The police entered the campus, trampled over the athappookalam[floral patterns] and drew everyone away from the college. The best way to celebrate a festival of unity and prosperity. This was a case of ''a handful of guys spoiling the happiness of the entire college''. And we do expect such amazing co-operation from the leaders in the future events too.

Its time we wiped out this evil from our country's campuses. Lets say goodbye to swords and country bombs[these are the things recovered from the party room of a prominent college here]. What we need is a common union of all students without any political allegiance. The issues concerning students can be handled by this union. There won't be any fights as in the case of a 2 party or 3 party system. As a step towards this, we are planning a signature campaign in our college to know how many of them are against campus sure tht wud be majority... hope something good comes out of this ...
chkout the new community in orkut and join in the fight against campus politics
with love,
your crusader Praveen

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"Yes, the student politicians do address the burning issues. To elaborate, they would find the address of the guy they want to beat up and do what all they can to spoil his life."

really nice point you've pointed out here ;)

though, it doesn't involve campus politics, how politics as such can deepen the divide between close friends was portrayed jolly well in the movie, 'santham'.

... & what about the groupism over groupism that happens in our college? hmmm!

this may seem idyllic, but we can wish, & wish we'll ;)

"kaatrukku dhisai illai dhesam illai
manadhoadu manam saerattum"

9:19 AM

@ akhil,
really that is a song for the moment... wonder whether those gr8 leaders wud understand the meaning of this

4:15 PM

A pity state of affairs...i must say!! The funny thing is that the Ignorant,or so called brilliant engg. ppl 2 are joning the illitrate politicians!! It is a pity no1 is ter to stop all these!!

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7:35 AM

hmm...reallyy ...i pity themmmm

11:06 PM

heyy... me gotta write a debate on this topic "campus politics helps a student to gain a first hand experience in the democratic process"
i was pretty convincd with for the motion untill i came across ur blog... and now im wondering if i shd do against the motion... if u cud help.. ud be doing me a great favour... dankeshon!
mail me on

12:14 PM

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