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get tagged...get mad...

Well, this post is gonna be the most nonsensical post i have ever written on this blog. But there is no other way for me to escape from this 'noose around my neck'.
First of all, lemme tell u wat tagging means. wen a friend tags u, u have to describe 8 qualities that u wud prefer to find in your lover. and, u also gotta tag 8 others. So, atlast u have only one person to curse, but u'll have 8 others cursing u. Now, let me start this post by cursing meenu(jus kiddin yaar..), who tagged me....ok am gonna get into the job given to more blah blahsss

sex of target - female

1. First of all, the gal of my dreams is one who loves me and my family.

2. She should be well-educated with some knowledge of what is going on around here.

3. She should have her own independent views on everything. I don't want her to be one who blindly accepts whatever decisions(mostly world class blunders) I take and think whatever i think is right.

4. Then, comin to does matter...but, no, i don want a gal who looks like a filmstar, an ordinary looking gal lik Preity Zinta would do...

5. she should be a romantic, who walks with me, holding my hands, on a cold winter evening and is not fed up of my romantic words.

6. now, the most important thing..She should be able to enjoy(or atleast bear) my rocking guitar. Also she should be one who enjoys good music, because music is my lifeeeeee...

7. after 50 years(if we are alive), she should still love me with the same intensity as she loved me in the younger days....

8. she should be caring, accomodative to others, loving, respectful, have good humor sense etc etc....
now someone plz stop me.....i can't stop.....many more to saaayyyy...well, i stop nowwww

Now my victims are....

Comic Project

now time 4 these ppl to curse me....
with love, Your Crusader, Praveen

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ur curses affected me greatly man ...i have a really bad headache now :-(

nice post .. liked ur 7th point ..the "after 50 yrs .." thinkie ..

11:14 AM

hi meenu...i neva cursed u in tht u think i wud do tht....
am sure u r gonna get well soon...

10:38 PM

nice post praveen and wish u get ur 'zeinta' sooon...i will tag asap

6:06 PM

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