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Bollywood n the nosy nuisance
It is night 9 pm watching TV...Channel V to be specific. And as expected there comes that unshaven figure wearing a cap (which luks unfit 4 his head), holding a mic so close to his mouth as if he is eating a banana. The mic is held in his trademark tilted fashion. And now he opens his mouth. that the sound of someone vomitting? A nosy kind of voice, which these days the channels are touting as suited 4 sufi songs. The thing is I am seeing this for the 100th time today(no exaggeration there), including the many other music channels like MTV, ETC, Zee Music etc. I switched the channel to MTV. there also he's there. Now u might have guessed whom I'm talking about, none other than the composer cum singer Himesh Reshammiya.
Himesh turned to singing with "Aashiq Banaya Aapne". I have to say that I enjoyed his compositions (including the copied ones) and singing in that. It was really a high selling album. Next came "Aksar". Well, the nosy singing continued there too. This time he sang most of the songs. He even had multiple remixes of some songs...If that was not enough, last week saw the release of his album "aaapka suroor". All these three albums have together hijacked all the music channels. Coupled with that, he acts n sings in most of the videos. And in most of the videos, another common feature is infamous "serial kisser" Emraan Haashmi. He's one of the actors I hate the most. He's out there not to act but with some other murky hidden agenda in his mind(which i think is not worthy of a mention here).
The fact is that most of the song that Himesh sang sounds the same. Guaging from the current scenario, I think that he has no intention of stopping singing. He has made me hate the music channels. Because good ones like "Rang De Basanti", Pankaj Awasthi, Strings etc are getting less airplay. God knows how long we have to suffer this torture. But am hopeful , Bollywood's obsession with this nosy nuisance will fizzle out sooner than later.....
NB:-With this article, am not trying to malign Himesh. I still love some of his compositions. Only thing I hate is his singing,which is now given undue importance by the bollywood industry.
Your Crusader, Praveen

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5:03 AM

Yup!So true...
He is a "nosy" singer!
Aashiq Banaaya Rocked and brought me back to listening Hindi songs...I guess the guy will make we go to the other extreme...Children of Bodom anyone?

9:33 PM

man i dont agree!!
Maybe hes a nosy singer but he impresses most of india.

and always AIRWAVES are rule by things that are POPULAR!!

11:39 PM

Hey Praveen,
I agree with you. Not that I get to see MTV or Channel V, but I don't like nasal singers. I liked Aashiq Banaya...but I hated the way it was sung. It's very rare that really good music like ARR's gets to be as 'pop'ular as the crappy mass appeal songs, like this dude's.

12:38 AM

He,s doing the same stuff over and over and is still being hyped!! why does everytghing work on hype??

5:44 PM

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