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The lantern dies out
Lantern dies out as the light starts to shine over Bhar. Don't mistake me. Thats exactly what happened in the just concluded assembly elections in Bihar. It saw the end of the 15 year old rule by Laloo & family, a rule during which Bihar plummetted into depths of under development & illiteracy. Laloo's cabinet was comprised of tainted ministers, most of them having lots of criminal cases against their names. Its no surprise that Laloo himself was part of one of the biggest scams that rocked the country- the fodder scam. That cost him his chief ministership. The rule of Rabri was even funnier. She is an illiterate lady, who used her thumb impressions to sign important documents. Imagine, a lady who doesn't know the alphabets ruling a state....Lord save Bihar.....

Anyway, I think the prayers were answered during this elections, as Nitish Kumar came to power. It maybe ironic that Nitish started his political career under Laloo himself. But after differences began to arise, they separated ways. Nitish is a man who had proved his capability as India's railway minister. And he took a step in the right direction by not including any tainted ministers in his cabinet. Now the lantern is in Nitish's hand. Lets hope he will alight the path of development for the most underdeveloped state in India....
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