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Sachin is back....& with a bang!!!!!
Is there a better way to silence your critics ,than the way Sachin did it so majestically ,yesterday at Nagpur with that breathtaking display of exemplary batsmanship? o no....he consumed all the adjectives in my kitty with that one sentence...Thats the power of Sachin's batsmanship for you. He just blazed the turf with his thumping drives & the Lankan bowlers were carted all around. Vintage Sachin was on view yesterday. Those 2 sixes he hit said just that. I was waiting for such a knock for all these day, when the critics were pillioring him for his non-performance(but i think, he has performed to his full capacity all the time).
Watching yesterday's knock, it made me think that Sachin was trying to make a statement. That he's still the young Sachin who regaled us with his attacking ways, 16 summers ago. He has still the same apetite for runs evident from his thumping the critics please shut up bcos the king is back with all his grandeur...sit back on your couch & enjoy the genius...because these kinda men don't come every day...not even in a century...try to appreciate it when genius is at work, rather than find some conspiracy theories. Whichever new player comes, be it Pieterson or Clark, World cricket has only one real King...Thats Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar
Now I gotta stop this, because am tired of using all the cliches again & again...
Because with people like Sachin & A.R.Rahman, its hard to write an article without cliches...all great men are like that.....
Post your valuable comments....
with love, Your Crusader Praveen

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hey praveen...karthik here...u forgot to add one thing..and that is the change or transformation that team india has undergone with the presence of sachin..his shear presence has lifted the team and just put them in a different plane altogether.greg chappell had made it very clear that "Sachin has a role to play " in team india and what i feel is that he is playing a "ghost captain" that is he is leading the soul of the team without being the actual captain..which means he is under no real pressure.i think this will help india to progress as he just commands respect frm everyone and no one will even dare to show indiscipline in his presence

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the GAME comments ,

its good da

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