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This post is not meant to defame any religion. These are just word by word account of 2 real life incidents.

Incident No-1
It was a saturday, some weeks back. I met my old schoolmate after a gap of almost 5 years. We went around the city in my bike and was coming back home in the evening. Somewhere near majestic, we were stopped by a traffic policeman who jumped out of nowhere to the middle of the road. Over the years, I've developed this technique of avoiding the morons in khaki and white by speeding or going through the right side of a bus at places where they usually stand. This time, it was a new road and I was caught. Now, it was time to open my usual bag of tricks, which I use when I get caught. Fat policeman with big round belly asks for license, rc book etc which I promptly hand over. Then he sees my 'Kerala registration' number plate. Seeing this, he demanded money. I narrated my 3 yeard old (fake) story of being a newbie in Bangalore who came hunting for job from Kerala. He asks me to show him my wallet. The sight of 100 rupees lights up his eyes. I refuse to part with it saying its the only money we have for our dinner. Then he hurled a load of abuses. More pleadings later...

Traffic policeman-What is your name?
T policeman- HINDU?

10 seconds of shock, hatred, anger later, I nodded my head in the affirmative. I stopped myself from talking back thinking about the royal screw up that these guys are capable of dishing out.

And then surprisingly, at that very minute, he asked me to leave. Without paying any fine. Yes, that happened in Bangalore, capital of 'beef banned' Karnataka. And, my friend who was with me and who was watching all this conversation, happened to be a muslim. While we were riding back, I matter of factly told him, 'Imagine, if he had asked you that question'. And, then he told me about some incidents in Mangalore, where he's pursuing a career in medicine.

Incident No-2
Three of his classmates(A muslim couple and their common Hindu friend) went out on a Friday morning. After having a jolly good time at a mall there, the muslim boy went to the mosque leaving his beloved with their friend. As these two friends were walking on the streets, a group of men came rushing and asked both of their religions.They told the truth. And, the thrashings followed, both to the boy and the girl. The men belonged to the notorious 'Sri Ram sene'. Apparently, these men are against people of these religions mixing together, especially if its a male and female. The two of them sustained a lot of injuries. And this was not one isolated incident. My friend narrated to me quite a few.

I leave it at that. Judging on these two incidents, I leave it to you.

Unrelated PS- I was 'born' a Hindu. I eat beef. And I've ways of getting it here in Bangalore eventhough some bigots are hell bent on preventing us from eating it.

your crusader Praveen

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Not isolated incidents, eh Praveen>? Is SreeRamaSene still active btw? Some smart people went and poured some kari-oil on that moron's ass-face, didn't they?

6:32 AM

I can't believe that Bangalore has become this crazy!

7:16 AM

i feel as if i am in the early 90s.
when will these people learn :(

12:38 PM

Bangalore?? This happened in BANGALORE?? I can't believe it!! :-| Holy moly!!

3:12 PM

BTW why did the policeman stop u? Were u speeding? Or just the kerala registration or something?

3:12 PM

1)i call them white demons...and am really scared when i spot them...not because i have done anything wrong but for the fact that i will have to give them money...and i have paid them twice :( :( and luckily got away the third time..
2)some ppl have stupid ideas and perception abt other religions...we only can enlighten them by giving the correct information...but unfortunately nobody knows fully abt their own religion then forget abt them trying to even bother to get to know abt other religions...
3) abt the ram sena and other stupid organisations and groups....there are just a bunch of brainless idiots and also senseless ppl who have no work to do....

5:25 PM

not at all isolated incidents..
yea, sri ram sene is still active..even after the kari oil incident and the tehelka expose of 'rent a riot'..
Heard that there's huge attendance for their rallies there :(

not the whole of bangalore..but then, these incidents do make one uncomfortable

here, its a common practice of the traffic idiots to stop bikes and check documents...and if its kerala registration, then its gone case:P

@simply me
enlightening them...try...u'll know :D

1:46 AM

I'm sick of all this Praveen.When will we stop judging people by their caste and religion.Thank your stars the traffic guy hadn't asked that question to your friend.I'm sure both your wallets would've been empty and might as well got tongue lashing and worse lathi lashes.

6:25 AM

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